The Ink Workshop was a Roblox game created by That_Texan and Beta tested by OverlordWitherStorm and TheBloxyGuardian. It was taken down to comply with the Digital Millenium Copyright Act and was a recreation of Bendy And The Ink Machine. During its time on Roblox it won the award for "Best Single-Player Game" in the 5th Annual Bloxy Awards. There have been many promises to bring it back, And bringing the game back has been a work in progress project for a long time.

The Ink Workshop Showcase

The Ink Workshop Showcase is a showcase game using the assets for The Ink Workshop created by TheBloxyGuardian, It was formerly a roleplay, But it was transformed into a showcase on November 30th, 2019 as memory of The Ink Workshop. The assets were provided by That_Texan. It has 53 likes, 58 dislikes, 218 favorites, 11.2K Visits, And was created on 1/20/2018.

April Fools 2020 Prank

On April Fools day 2020, TheBloxyGuardian announced "WE CAME TO AN AGREEMENT WITH KINDLY BEAST!" He proceeded to than link a Roblox game titled The Ink Workshop [BACK!!] Where upon entering, Instead of The Ink Workshop the game would be a baseplate with a mesh of Rick Astley, That_Texan, TheBloxyGuardian, CDirectory, And Draggyy, With a concrete sign stating "nerd u got pranked", The NPC That_Texan and TheBloxyGuardian have dialog, That_Texan states "yeah it was all bloxy's fault he told me on discord", TheBloxyGuardian states "this was all my idea." A Roblox version of the "You know I had to do it to em" meme is also on the baseplate, The song Never Gonna Give You Up plays non-stop in the game.

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