Sword Fighting Tournament is a sword fighting game created by TheGamer101. It was such a popular game that it was normally seen on the front page with 400 - 900 players online. In the game, players fight with a variety of swords on a number of unique maps to win tournaments or bonus rounds. The game has accumulated over 215,000 favorites. Sword Fighting Tournament won the award for Top Earning Game at the Roblox BLOXcon 2013.


The gameplay of this game is highly varied. The basic gameplay revolves around players battling against each other with a variety of swords which can be bought from the shop. There are many different game modes, however, which range from 1v1 tournaments to all against one juggernaut rounds. The game features upwards of fifteen different rounds and each one introduces a unique element to the gameplay. Each round has a badge which a user is  awarded for winning it, and players who manage to collect all the badges get a special badge called the super badge. The prize for winning a super badge is a virtual energy sword


There are currently nearly twenty unique maps in the game. Most of the maps are not made by TheGamer101 himself, but made instead by other builders who have submitted their maps to him for the game. Any user is free to submit his/her own map for selection as long as he/she builds it using this size template. The extensive map list can be found below!


This map is the first Sword Fighting Tournament map ever made, and one of the only mapmade by TheGamer101. Use the terrain in your favor, and stay on the low ground. The best technique for this map is to try and attack your opponent from below. The terrain is always varied so you need to use it to your advantage.


A fairly easy map, just like normal only it's overflowed with bridges everywhere. Try to stay on top of the bridges because you may get stuck if you go down under. Another tactic is forcing your opponent to jump one of the many walls and attacking them from below.


This map is a quite unique map where the ground beneath you is moving. Try to catch your opponent by surprise by hopping onto a conveyor and moving towards them rapidly.

:Warehouse: [By Scazzard1]

A very good, detailed map that can be a lot of fun. There are many cool places to fight in this map such as on top of a crane which can be seen to the side of the map. 

:Forest: [By ryan135792468]

Forest is a decent map, which is styled similarly to the normal map but features trees and flowers as well as a green colour scheme.

:Narrows: [By Unmoved]

This map is a unique Sword Fighting Tournament map, forcing players to focus on where they are standing as they fight. It's called Narrows for a reason; walk on the narrow paths that are given to you. When you walk on the black, you lose health very randomly. But one thing's for sure; you'll die before you get to the other side if you walk on the black ground. Try to get to the center and control that area, you'll face off eventually.

:Loading Dock: [By Scazzard1]

This map is simillar to Scazzard1's other maps, it features many cranes and has a simillar terrain style to Warehouse.

:Stadium: [By Scazzard1]

This map is simillar to Scazzard1's other maps, it features a football field and a blimp floating overhead. Players can climb up a wire to reach the blimp but you may find yourself cornered if you attempt to fight in the blimp. 

:Wheat Farm: [By Scazzard1]

This map is somewhat different to the other maps by Scazzard1 which are featured in the game, it features rows of corn outside a barn. The rows of corn are difficult to fight on as it is easy to be attacked from below as you walk over a bump.

:Summer Archipelago: [By ninjabart122]

This map is notable as it was the first map to introduce dynamic terrain to Sword Fighting Tournament. It is somewhat difficult to fight on this terrain type at first but once you learn how to adapt to the terrain and use the bumps to your advantage it is easy to get the low ground and outclass your opponent.

:Disappearing Plates: [By TheInnovative (Previously chubbs21)]

This map introduces an element which is in SFOTHIV, disappearing plates. In this map players must fight on plates which could vanish at any moment above a pit filled with deadly lava.

:The Creed: '[By Unmoved]

This map is based on Assassins Creed. There are some rooftops to fight on in the map and also a low area which can be used to get an advatage on your opponent.

:Islands: [By Gloryblox]

This map is rather similar to narrows, it features a number of floating islands with narrow paths joining them and a deadly floor below. Be careful when spawning into this map as if you are moving it is possible that you will fall straight onto the deadly floor which will kill you.

:The Pit[By Ravenshield]

This map was the first map in Sword Fighting Tournament to use dynamic lighting, it is dimly lit by a number of spotlights on the walls of the pit. In this map players fight on a narrow platform above the floor of the pit.

:Bridge: [By LimitedU]

This map allows players to fight on a map above a pit which kills players that fall down from the bridge above. 

:Park[By JafferThePwner]

This is quite a simple map which features a park with a few props such as a statue in the middle of the map along with some trees and benches scattered throughout the map.

:Wasteland[By Tippee]

This is one of the most detailed maps in the game. There are many cool hiding places in the maps such as in the pipes and ontop of the buildings.

:Woodlands: [By sting4672]

This map is a great place to get away from the opponent because there is an underground tunnel which hides you from the opponent. Beware, if you stay there too long, the opponent might get you and kill you.

Former maps

Here are some maps that have been retired as of July 2013.

Wobbly Plates by Chubbs21

Wobbly plates went along the lines of disappearing Plates, but when you step on them, they would move down, forcing you into lava.


Darkheart , the most highly criticsized sword on SFT and the most powerful.

Players have recently been given the ability to rent swords for a maximum of 15 minutes at 

half the cost and 1/4 the wins required in order to get the swords normally. This is useful for many players who are only playing the game for a short period of time and also has the added benefit of rented swords carrying over into the next server. Swords can be saved for  an hour before they will delete and you will be back on a Linked Sword, this is to make sure that new players can have a chance fighting, and older players won't win with more powerful tools, however there is a disscussion on the forum about if the game should have saving forever or just keep the regular saving system, with the commuity divided about it.

Sword Points Description
Linked Sword Free     The sword that all players start with. It deals low damage but is medium ranged.
Dagger 200 A small sword that has high damage, albeit with low range. It has the potential to deal out a great amount of damage but it is often outclassed by other swords in range. When the Dagger is used in conjunction with weapons like the Energy Sword to out-maneuver a player's opponent, a dagger is more deadly than Darkheart.
Golden Katana 550 This sword has a high damage rate, and is medium-long ranged. This is one of the most commonly used swords as it is a VIP perk and many players start the game with it.
Bluesteel Claws 600 This sword has medium-high damage and a low range.
Elf Blade 600 The Elf Blade is similar to the Dagger, however, it cannot lunge. It makes up for this by afflicting higher amounts of damage.
Energy Dagger 600 The Energy Dagger has relatively low damage and is low ranged. However, when an opponent is hit, it begins to emit blue sparkles that can obscure the opposing player's view. 
Orc Blade 600 A blade that costs 600 points. The Orc Blade has medium-high damage and is low ranged. The blade is not able to lunge, unlike other swords.
Cerulean Vengeance 650 It has medium damage, and is medium ranged.
Sword Cane 700 The Sword Cane is one of the most powerful swords in the game, although when used, it drops a player's speed down to roughly eight. This sword is another commonly used sword as it's unusual swing allows players to defend against attacks more easily.
Stone Hammer 900 It has high damage and is low ranged. Players cannot lunge with this hammer, however this flaw is made up for by the high damage.
Energy Sword 1,100 When using this sword, players are able to perform the high jump by lunging and then jumping.
Spiked Club 1,200 The Spiked Club has high damage, as well as a low range. Players cannot lunge with this club, however this flaw is made up for by the high damage.
Board with a Nail in It 3,000 It has high damage, but a low range. Players are not able to lunge while using this sword.
Venomshank 7,000 The damage of the Venomshank is low, and has very high ranged. The Venomshank may be weak in terms of damage, but the poison makes it a deadly sword sapping away around half the targets HP over 7 seconds. In addition to the 7,000 points, players need 10 wins in order to gain the Venomshank.
Firebrand 10,000 It has medium-high damage and is high ranged. The Firebrand is featured in SFOTH IV, and has about twice the damage as the Linked Sword. In SFOTH IV, this sword makes players immune to the famous 1-hit kill Ice Dagger. 
Dual Swords 10,000 These swords were created by idontkno, they have medium damage and medium range. Players are given two swords, as opposed to one. Dual Swords have approximately the same damage as the Linked Sword, but the damage is doubled because there are two swords instead of one.
Illumina 35,000 The Illumina has high damage, and is medium ranged. TheGamer101 modified its original stats and abilities to be different from SFOTH IV. Players can still lunge-jump. 
Darkheart 50,000 The Darkheart is the most powerful sword in Sword Fighting Tournament and it is also featured in SFOTH IV.

Sword fighting tournament is very heavy on the pay to win aspect.  Read below for the features that game passes grant players.

Exclusive Sword Set Weapons

Bamboo Katana - A katana for 1 point. It has low damage and is medium ranged.

Tribal Spear - A spear for 1 point. It has low damage and is medium ranged.

Sword of Jewels- A sword for 400 points. It has low damage and is medium ranged. 

Sword of Nefertiti - A sword for 600 points. It has low-medium damage and is medium ranged.

Taser Sword - A sword for 600 points. It has low-medium damage and is medium ranged. This is a unique sword as there is a chance it will remove the opponent's sword during a strike.

Knight's Sword - A sword for 700 points. It has medium-high damage and is medium ranged. This gear is held "southpaw style", unlike all the other swords.

Pirate's Cutlass - A typical sword for 700 points. It has medium damage and is medium ranged.

Tormentor's Axe - A typical sword, aside from its design. The Tormentors Axe has medium range and medium-high damage. 

Spiked Club of Ice - A club for 3,000 points. It has extremely low damage and is short ranged. However, it has a unique feature to it.; when a user attacks, it will send ice shards in all direction that will damage any enemy they connect with .

Ghostwalker (GW) - A Ghostwalker for 3,500 points. It has medium-high damage and is short ranged. Unlike SFOTH IV, a user will never become invisible while using this sword, because the GW resets each round. As a players gravity lowers while using GW, it is easy to rise off the ground when lunging with the sword, leaving the user vulnerable to attacks from below. This trait can become extremely annoying, but it can also be an advantage.

Game Pass Swords

Crimson Katana - A red katana that a user can buy from a Game pass, the Game Pass costs 75 Robux. It is a sword that is, essentially, a Golden Katana with higher damage. It has a considerably higher amount of damage and is medium-long ranged. 

VIP game passes

There are currently six different VIP game passes for Sword Fighting Tournament, including the Crimson Katana game pass, the sword set game pass, and four tiered VIPs. Five of these game passes used to be VIP T-shirts, and these T-shirts still grant the same benefits ingame.    

Mini VIP

There are two main benefits for Mini VIPs: starting with 100 points [600 points if visited Ages of Robloxia] and extra points for each win obtained ingame.

Normal VIP

The Normal VIP benefits for Sword Fighting Tournament are:

  • Starting the game with the Golden Katana.
  • Starting the game with 250 points. [750 points if visited Ages of Robloxia]
  • 140 health.
  • 3.5 bet multiplier.
  • Extra points for each win.

Insane VIP

The Insane VIP benefits for Sword Fighting Tournament are:

  • Starting the game with the Sword Cane.
  • Starting the game with 2500 points. [3000 points if visited Ages of Robloxia]
  • 50% more health
  • 4.3 bet multiplier.
  • Double the vote weight in voting for maps and bonus rounds.
  • Extra points for each win.

Super Insane VIP 

The Super Insane VIP benefits for Sword Fighting Tournament are:

  • Starting the game with the Spiked Club.
  • Starting the game with 4500 points. [5000 points if visited Ages of Robloxia]
  • 5x bet multiplier.
  • 50% more health
  • 20% reduction of the wins needed to buy things in the shop.
  • Double the vote weight in voting for maps and bonus rounds.
  • Extra points for each win.

Sword Set VIP

This VIP game pass gives you access to the exclusive sword set swords.

Crimson Katana

This game pass gives you access to the exclusive Crimson Katana ingame. It is commonly used by users wishing for a powerful gear. Multiple players have claimed that this gear is overpowered.


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  • Sword Fighting Tournament was the 10th most popular game of 2012, receiving nearly 6.5 million visits that year alone.
  • TheGamer101 originally created the game to host a sword fighting contest for members of a group he was in at the time.
  • If a user visits Ages of Robloxia, another game by TheGamer101, he/she gets an extra 500 points upon entering the game.
  • If a user wins the Super Badge, he/she receives a free energy sword upon joining the game.
  • TheGamer101 has stated that there are over 500 players on the banned list currently.
  • 95% of players who have rated the game have given it a thumbs up, and it is currently one of the games with the most thumbs up.
  • XiaoXiaoMan didn't like the game as he reviewed it in February 2011.
  • Sword Fighting Tournament is one of the top earning games on ROBLOX, often appearing on the top grossing games page.
  • Sword Fighting Tournament is weighted on "Pay to Win".  Users who buy the game passes will have a significant advantage over those who do not.
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