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Make a Cake: Back for Seconds! is a novelty game made by thebenster, being the sequel and improved version of Make a Cake And Feed the Giant Noob. The ultimate goal is the same as the original self-explanatory titled version in which you generate batter, enter your batter/cake into conveyors to bake it, and then finally slide your custom made cake into the mouth of a gigantic noob. 


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  • The game was released on New Year's Day of 2016
  • There is a secret portal hidden in the game that leads to an easter egg.
  • "Back for Seconds" has been used in 2 events so far: Post, Create, and Play and Roblox Imagination (2018).
  • It is possible to turn yourself into a cake by entering the conveyors yourself.
  • The "Make a Cake" fan group wasn't created until the development of "Back for Seconds".
  • There is an illuminati easter egg in the game.
  • The game finally reached 100 million place visits on February 28, 2020.
  • The original soundtrack for the game was composed by Pandy100 for the game's initial release.
  • "The Noob's Mix " is the latest soundtrack for the game, composed by pwnion. Although not all of the songs were added into the game yet, it was released to the public on February 9, 2020.

Illuminati Easter Egg:

  1. Get behind the blender
  2. There's a Illuminati face with green sparkles, walk through it.
  • Here's some Trivia / Funny Things about this easter egg:
  • When you are in the room, in the wall, you will see some drawings of a theory of the cakes being Illuminatis.
  • You will be given an Epic Face and Illuminatis as eyes, as a face.
  • You can exit the room by going on the same Illuminati face as the other one.
  • You can only delete your Illuminati Epic Face by resetting.

Portal Easter Egg:

  1. Get behind the Baking Station.
  2. You will see an orange portal, walk through it.
  • Here's some Trivia / Funny Things about this easter egg:
  • When you are in the room, there's going to be a table and a cake in it
  • If you get close to the table and cake, the table and cake dissapears and a message on the wall appears.
  • The message is: The cake is a lie!.
  • You can exit out of the room by going through the blue portal.
  • This room doesn't gives you anything.
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