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Thundermaker300 is a Roblox developer who is notable for his programming contributions to World Expedition.[1] Prior to becoming a programmer in 2015, he was a builder in personal servers.


World Expedition

Thundermaker300 has contributed majorly to World Expedition. His contributions include rewriting the entire game, including the new boarding and departing systems. He also added the donation board, staff room (and controls), and numerous more aspects to the game.


TM-A was an admin commands system developed by Thundermaker300. Development began on August 7, 2017. Later, oreoollie joined the project. TM-A achieved 1,871 takes in total. A twitter account was created for TM-A, however it was later locked and deleted.

TM-A also had a plugin, which would display every setting available in the plugin window. These settings could be changed. After the settings were set and "Insert" was pressed, TM-A would be added to the game, and the Settings script would be modified to contain these changes. The plugin also had a work in progress API documentation (TM-A's API can be found here), however it was never finished.

TM-A was discontinued due to the removal of private modules. It was not taken off sale until May 12, 2019. Despite TM-A being discontinued, it can still be found and used at TM-A's Demo Place, the only game it still functions at.


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  • His username was not originally his idea. His friend wanted the username Thundermaker300 but he changed his name to it before his friend.[2]


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