Hide and Seek Extreme is a hide-and-seek genre game made by Tim7775. It is a rework of old hide-and-seek games, possibly TwoShue's Hide n' Seek XL: Living Spaces. In the game, players must hide from the seeker for a period of time otherwise you'll get caught and lose.


When a new round starts, the game chooses a random map and a random player to be seeker. The players that aren't chosen as the seeker are the hiders.

The hiders are released into the chosen map, spawned at the same place (which is mainly a secluded place in the map). The seeker will be at the spawnpoint too, "frozen" (not having the ability to move), but can still watch the hiders run. The hiders will have a short period of time to hide.

After the time has passed, the seeker is unfrozen and can move. The seeker must find and catch all the hiders before the time runs out for the seeker. To catch a player, the seeker must make contact with the hider. If the timer runs out, all surviving hiders win. If the seeker manages to catch all the hiders, the seeker wins.

"It" Characters

"It" Characters are loadouts, each having one of the three "It" abilities. "It" abilities are utilities that can be used to catch hiders. Note that by default, "It" characters are normally slightly faster than hiders. "It" abilities can be activated by pressing the [1] key.

  • Glue: The seeker will place a drop of glue in front of him/her. Hiders who touch the glue are stuck for a few seconds.
  • Camera: The seeker places down cameras, which can be used to spot hiders when the seeker is area from the area.
  • Sprint: The seeker sprints, increasing in walkspeed. Used to catch players on the run.
  • Stun: An ability exclusive only to the Yeti costume, the seeker can hit the ground with their club, sending a shockwave that stuns hiders on the run. 


Ethan's Bedroom

This map takes place in a bedroom that has draws, a guitar, a bookshelf, a hole in the wall and a sofa. The best hiding spot here is the open drawer that has a white ladder above it (doesn't lead to it), where there is a hole in the drawer that leads you to a top-secret hiding spot for hiders with a teleporter that goes to a bookshelf, and a teleporter leading to a high shelf spawns in the pillow of the bunk bed that you can get to on the ladder. Everyone spawns at a drawer filled with books.

The Store

This map takes place in a store with mutiple shelves holding food and drinks, a cashier, a room full of boxes and two vending machines that hold Bloxxy Cola. The best hiding spots are the room full of boxes where you can hide behind boxes to avoid the seeker, and a teleporter close to the spawnpoint that brings you up to the ceiling, where you can jump onto the doorknob or onto the fire extinguisher near the box room. Everyone spawns at the open drawer under the cashier's desk.

The Kitchen

This map takes place in a kitchen where there is an oven, some shelves, a table, some chairs and a bookshelf that holds things. The best hiding spots are inside the oven where there is a floor that players can easily get in and a coin spawns there, and inside the sink, there is a teleporter which brings you to the top of the cabinets. Everyone spawns at an upper closet with a pole on top.

The Workshop

This map takes place in a workshop with tables, drawers, buckets and a whiteboard with mangets. The best hiding spots are on a blue thingy, on the upper side, there is a blue thingy that has a wall players can go through, a black circle (on a blue bar nearet to the two tires standing vertically) teleporter on it that teleports you to the top of the whiteboard, and a box on a desk that bounces you onto a high shelf where you can hop down onto a red box wit a white cross attached to the wall. Everyone spawns at a blue drawer that is empty.

Cursed Cavern

This map takes place in a desert with a cave. It was added during the Buried Treasure event. A ring spawns there, if a player finds the ring, they wil get Jerry's Eye-Patch for their avatar. Everyone spawns at a shelter under the rock. This map has been discontinued when the "Buried Treasure" event ended.

The Backyard

This map takes place in a garden with plants, trees, a black sink, a bench, a sofa, a table, a pethouse and a closet. The best hiding spot is the black sink, you will notice an open door attached to it, go inside it and hide behind the pole. Everyone spawns in the treehouse.

The Attic

This map takes place in an attic that has a pool table, a ladder leading up to the rafters, boxes, a lamp, a desk, bench press, bicycle, television and a shelf. The best hiding spot is the handle of the door (the round gray thing) in front of the TV which is a teleporter that goes to the top of the bookshelf where you can jump onto a nearby lamp. Everyone spawns in a chest near the bench press.


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