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Tinfoilbot was a relatively famous Roblox YouTuber from 2011 who has approximately 10,000 subscribers. Tin was quite known for his satirical videos and skits. One of his most famous videos was a music video named "report report delete" (alternatively "report report report delete!!!!!!"), which can be viewed here. He quit Roblox sometime in July 2018, stating on his fan group that he was "grounded forever".


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  • He is referenced in the description of the DIY Deadly Dark Dominus since Tin was the first person to start the Deadly Dark Dominus joke.
  • He often featured and referenced Merely in his videos, which led to some of his fans questioning if Tinfoilbot was actually an alternate account of Merely.
  • Merely had once claimed that Mechawaffle was Tinfoilbot.[1]
  • He was once severely (un)certainly claimed of being JustPlas, unsurely referenced to being his main account.
  • He supposedly has a brother called omniverseKing201, as stated in the description of the video "tinfoilbot inteview 2013!!!" which was uploaded onto the Tinfoilbot YouTube channel on March 30, 2013.
  • Tinfoilbot also has a secret YouTube channel named IIIIIIIIIIIIIII as revealed in the description of this video where he posted videos of him being "depressed" and wearing a mask. This channel later stopped uploading, which made fans speculate the channel was a Halloween joke.
  • One of  Tinfoilbot's main common hobbies is reporting players that kill him in-game and sometimes reporting the game it-self as seen in most Q&A videos, especially including this video
  • Tinfoilbot's favorite chips are Pringles Original since he featured them numerous times on his YouTube channel and Twitter account. It was later proven to be true in this video


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