Toolbox was a famous user for creating the oldest accessible Roblox model, Ball 4x4x4. He was also the 8th person to join Roblox. The account was an admin account used to test out the feature of the toolbox, hence the account's username. Toolbox's models' were originally ROBLOX Studio's default toolbox models, and were created the same day models were added to the game. The first model he created has over 1500+ favorites. Some of his models are free to take. This user is believed to have led Telamon to the story of the "Evil 1x1x1x1 Brick". Since this is the first dimension brick, it is most likely true. It currently says his last online time on Roblox ever was on February 27, 2006, the day that ROBLOX discontinued minigames. However, he has badges obtained after his latest login, this is possible as these badges were spread around the site using a site vulnerability.


On August 20, 2018, Toolbox was terminated for unknown reasons, most likely for being compromised.


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  • Toolbox's ID is 8. His friends list can be found here.
  • Despite never logging in for years Toolbox managed to obtain The Next Level Blue Headphones which were only obtained by watching The Next Level. The reason for this happening is that somebody filled out his account name in the "users who watched" form.
  • Toolbox obtains several badges such as CloneTrooper1019's Welcome to spleef  even though he hasn't logged in since February 27, 2006, long before the badge feature was first introduced on Roblox.
  • The account was created to test and upload the model feature to ROBLOX however, he also logged in on the last day of the minigames feature.
  • As of some unknown date Toolbox's models all have been deleted for some unknown reason, most likely because the toolbox feature was already implemented.
  • Some people have claimed that Toolbox was an exploiter who illegally made the toolbox to insert scripts that could destroy all of your Roblox game. Administrators have denied this.
  • Toolbox was temporarily banned for an unknown period of time.
  • The models Toolbox created are available again. Because of engine updates, the parts are now in X Y Z Position.
  • Even though Toolbox is never online, just like many other old users, his T-shirt was removed but later in mid 2017, his skin changed with the default clothing due to the bug which many other old users have a skin change too.
  • Toolbox made the first model in Roblox that is still able to see.
  • Despite being last online in 2006, Toolbox had about 5 forum posts while it still existed.
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