Tremity was a game developer on Roblox who was most notable for creating the place Adopt and Raise a Cute Kid which accumulated over 300 million place visits before being deleted for violating the T&Cs. He is also notable for using the bait and switch scam but unlike other scammers, he occasionally changed the thumbnails of the places. He was widely despised by the majority of the community for taking free models and claiming that he built them himself.


Adopt and Raise a Cute Kid

"Adopt and Raise a Cute Kid" was a notorious misleading place created by Tremity. The thumbnail of the game changed occasionally, and the game description contains irrelevant tags. On September 17th, 2016, the game has reached over 10,000 concurrent players. On December 8th, 2017, the game was deleted by Roblox, and Tremity's account was terminated. The game was known for using free models and had a copious amount of ODers using the in-game avatar editor.

The Best Town of ROBLOXIA

On May 1st, 2016, Tremity took the famous Welcome to the Town of Robloxia game created by 1dev2 and claimed the game as his own "improved game". He also named the game the "The Best Town of ROBLOXIA". He retextured and recolored buildings and used free models inside his game to "improve" it. The game has accumulated over 2.7 million visits.


Tremity has been known for associating with a user called AaRaCk who was infamous for facilitating the act of online dating on Roblox.

Tremity had also been re-uploading free models under his name as "proof" that he owned them, similar to what the user JuliusColesV2 had done in the past. He is often criticized for profiting off his deceptive advertising and free models.

From September to November 2017, Tremity was giving high admin command privileges to well-known YouTubers such as Denis and AlbertsStuff (on his Flamingo channel) to market his admin commands game pass, which was on sale for 899 Robux. In addition, on his YouTube channel, "Johnny Page", he uploaded "how-to" videos on how to get free admin. In the video, he told users to join the Roblox group "Sadface Studios" (a group for Logan Paul fans) and subscribe to his YouTube channel. At the end of the video, it was revealed that doing so would only get the user three in-game items, not admin. The group got over 300,000 users, and the YouTube channel got over 35,000 subs due to the misleading video. This went so far that Tremity used the admin game pass as the main method of marketing the game. The game pass only provided less than 15 commands that could only be used on yourself and not on other players. Many of the game passes, such as the Auto Rap Battle's DJ game pass, did not actually work. More than 50,000 users fell for this scam and purchased the game passes.


On December 7th, 2017, Tremity and his alternate account, Games_Page (creator of Life in Paradise and Auto Rap Battles), were terminated and Poison banned by SlingshotJunkie. Tremity's Twitter got suspended a day after. People who joined the Adopt and Raise A Cute Kid game were teleported to a copied version of the game. A few hours later, the original and copied versions of Adopt and Raise A Cute Kid were shut down and deleted by Roblox. The termination of Tremity received mixed feedback from the Roblox userbase.

While Roblox initially provided Tremity's misleading games and broken game passes as the reason for his account terminations, Roblox later elaborated on the bans, citing Tremity's violations of the terms of service, including online dating, selling Robux to other players on an off-site website he created, and attempting to bribe Roblox staff members in order for AaRaCK to win a ROBLOX Bloxy Award for "Mobile Game of the Year" which resulted him and his game being kicked out of the Bloxy Awards. The phrase "Adopt and Raise a Cute Kid" was later added to the ROBLOX chat text filtering system, which means that it is replaced by hashtags when an attempt is made to use it through both in-game chat and on the website.

Return to Roblox 

On July 6th, 2018, Tremity made a YouTube video stating that he had returned to Roblox, with his new game called "Adopt and Raise a Kid" and new group called "Fun Games Studios!". ripTremity0 was his main account upon his return, but this account too was quickly terminated.


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  • His avatar thumbnail has been updated, showing that the original gear equipped has been deleted by Roblox admins. Thus because of this, it appears as if he is equipping a gear even though a glitch in the system shows otherwise, as the gear shown in the thumbnail appears to be invisible.

Alternate Accounts

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