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TropicalFound was a famous user who owned a popular group named 'Obby Roleplay'. The group's games have accumulated over 4 million place visits. The group grew substantially due to obbies and roleplaying being involved.

He had many games under his profile that accumulated over 30 million visits, and in his main group "The Obby Maker" he gained over 60 million visits in that group.

He is best known for his game "Muscle Simulator".


TropicalFound was terminated in April of 2018, due to charge-backing Roblox's BC payment. TropicalFound has not returned on any alternative accounts and has not been unterminated. Ever since his termination, he has gone on a tangent and has botted multiple games to the front page.[citation needed]


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  • He is known for being friends with a Roblox developer called "NowDoTheHarlemShake", the owner of The Normal Elevator.
  • He DDoSed multiple developers.[citation needed]
  • He made the first Muscle Simulator.
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