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TwentyTwoPilots (formerly known as Alex4897) is a front-page Roblox developer noted for creating the Ultimate Driving series and an array of plug-ins designed to help others create road systems with ease.

As of 2018, he has won 2 BLOXY awards.[1] On February 1, 2019, he received a developer spotlight.[2]


  • Weather Systems - 2103 favorites
  • Road Accessories - 1424 favorites
  • Road Creation - 1802 favorites (this is out of date and another easier to use plugin should be produced in the future, although that is uncertain at this time)

(all visit/favorited tallies are accurate as of July 8, 2018)

Current Follower Stats

  • He currently has 52K followers on Roblox.
  • He currently has  22.6K followers on his official Twitter account .
    TTP logo

    TwentyTwoPilots' official development logo, used to trademark his games.

  • His Roadgeeks  group has 60 members, which are members accepted on an application basis.
  • His Ultimate Driving Universe group has 52k+ members.
  • There are currently 3 Executive Board Members, 2 Developers, and 14 Moderators in the UDU.


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  • His closest friends include JakeFromRoblox, GardenStateGuy, MarcusDOT, Ren97, and IllinoisRoadgeek.
  • UD: Westover Islands was featured on the blog post covering the new particle emitters.
  • He has a group called "Roadgeeks" which is for road enthusiasts to meet and converse.

    The official UDU logo. (2016)

  • His username is a play on the band Twenty One Pilot's name. He uploaded several songs by the band, along with songs by American rock band My Chemical Romance and Canadian electronic artist deadmau5.
  • He has created Roblox's Premier Driving Universe, Ultimate Driving Universe (UDU).


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