Hide n' Seek XL: Living Spaces is a popular place made by TwoShue . The game has been stolen multiple times, most famously by telaluchiha1. However, telaluchiha1 has since taken the game down. In the game, players play a ROBLOX version of hide and seek in a map that is built to look like a room or area in a house, based on Twoshue's real house at the time. The game has achieved over 12M+ place visits, and over 255K+ user favorites. 59 badges are hidden within 11 of the game's maps.

The game lost popularity ever since TwoShue's deletion, along with the innovation of more advanced Hide and Seek games such as Hide and Seek Extreme. Despite its dip in popularity over the years, the game still saw a small but consistent amount of players. After Roblox forced all games to use Filtering Enabled in 2018, some of the GUIs in the game have broken. Now the game remains empty, rarely attracting players anymore.

Dylan56202 has republished the game and has fixed all the broken scripts due to the Filtering Enabled update. The classic lobby and maps are all the same along with the scripts/GUIs. Feel free to check it out here.



The lobby

Players spawn in a lobby. The largest room in the glass building contains the spawns, where players enter the game, as well as transport to once they are found. A hallway from the spawn room leads to a shop. The items in the shop aid the user in gameplay and can be purchased with credits earned throughout the course of the game. Players earn the credits by either surviving the whole round without being found, or finding people when designated to be "it." Various other rooms in the glass building include several obbies. Another hallways leads to the VIP room, which contains perks for the players that have purchased VIP. A mega VIP room is located separately from the rest of the glass lobby. Throughout the largest glass room where players spawn, pictures of the ten various maps that players encounter during the game hang on the wall. 

After each round is completed, all players respawn into the glass building. A script within the game designates a player to be selected as "it." All of the other players that are not "it" are then teleported to a randomly generated map, which is a room or part of a house on a massive scale. Players then have 60 seconds to hide before "it" is transported into the map. The player designated as "it" then has five minutes to find as many players as they can. After the time is up, the round ends, and all of the players that have not been found are awarded credits.


There are 10 maps within Hide & Seek.

Map Name
Backyard - This map is located in the backyard of the house. There is a large deck against the house, which contains a sauna. Inside the sauna is a hidden tunnel. A playset, a tent, a picnic table, a dog house, a table sheltered by an umbrella, and several plants are located throughout the yard for players to hide in. Players also have the option of hiding under the deck.
Basement - The basment map contains a ping pong table, a ladder, some pieces of wood, a bookshelf, a heater, and some stairs. Players can teleport around several areas of the map.
Bathroom - This map contains a shower, a bath tub, a counter with a sink and a vanitey, and a toilet. The drains in both the shower and bath tub both lead to hidden rooms where players can teleport to the top of a faucet.
Bedroom - The bedroom contains a bed, a dresser, a few tables, as well as an attached closet and bathroom.
Classroom - The classroom contains desks, a bulletin board, a television, a chalkboard, and a desk for the teacher.
Den - The den contains several couches, an entertainment center, several lamps, several side tables, and a coffee table.
Garage - The garage contains a car, a workbench, a heater, and various tools and shelves.
Kitchen - The kitchen contains an eating table, several cabinets in which players can hide in, a sink, an oven, a microwave oven, and a refrigerator.
Living Room - The living room contains a couch surrounded by chairs, a bookshelf, a coffee table, and various lamps.
Office - Inside the office is a desk with a computer, a bookshelf, a couch, and various lamps and side tables.
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