Epic Minigames is a minigame-based party game created by TypicalType.

In Epic Minigames, players play various different minigames every round. If they survive or complete the task before the time limit, they earn 10 points, which can be spent in the in-game Shop.

After each round, players will spawn in a lobby, where a new minigame is chosen after 10 seconds. Most rounds are half of a minute to a minute and a minute and a half long.

The lobby won a Bloxy Award from the 6th Annual Bloxys, for Best Lobby. The original lobby was replaced with a newer one in August 2019.

Secret Room

Hidden within the lobby, there is a locked door. In the new lobby, it is located underground near the lighthouse. In the original lobby, the door could be found inside the mine besides two other unlocked doors. The secret to open this door is by finding all 5 hats. Clicking these 5 hats in any order would unlock access to the secret room.

New Hat Locations

  • TypicalType's former hat on a plant in the building with the leaderboards.
  • Worthyshiningkazoo's skull sat on a crate near a campfire.
  • A black and white fedora behind a rock near the red slide.
  • TheSteelEagle's hat under an open tent near the lighthouse.
  • A black bucket hat sitting on the dock.

Old Hat Locations

  • TypicalType’s former hat on a counter on the 2nd floor of the lobby.
  • Wizard hat on a glass table on the 2nd floor of the other side of the lobby, right across the room you should've found the rainbow hat within (unless you found the wizard hat first, go to the other side of the second floor to get the TypicalType’s hat, too).
  • Chicken hat outside of the lobby located somewhere above the shop sitting on several crates.
  • worthyshiningkazoo's skull hanging on a crystal in the center of the mine.
  • Go past the mine entrance and you will find a rope. Go up this rope and go to the right. Go all the way to the top part of the lobby. The tree closed to you has a mask in one of its branches. This is the last hat.

Once all five hats are found, the door should unlock and after the player steps in it would award the player with a badge. However, in the original lobby, the room shows no value — just a simple 'Easter Egg'. In the new lobby, it contains an aquarium and two picture frames which, when jumped into, will teleport players to three other games by TypicalType.


The game currently has 86 minigames, but the game has had 92 minigames overall (As of August 13, 2019).   Note: This is not a complete list, please add any missing minigames to the chart.

Here is the list of the minigames:

Name Description
Above Water Launch rockets at the opposite team's columns and knock their platform down.
Accurate Archery Hit the targets before anyon else does, each normal target grants you 1 point, but the golden ones grant you 3.
Avalanche! Avoid being hit by the avalanche chunks to survive.
Aztec Adventure Pass through a jungle and temple filled with obstacles and reach the finish before the timer runs out. During the Nickelodeon: Legends of the Hidden Temple event, it was originally titled Hidden Treasure Trek, and players were able to earn The Silver Monkey. You can still play this game but will not earn anything except 10 coins or 15 coins.
Balcony Bolt Be the first to reach the balcony by going through a door of mazes that will teleport you room after another.

Note: There is no map to the minigame and the location is randomly generated.

Black Hole Scramble Jump over space rocks and don't get sucked in by the black hole!

Note: The space rocks move so you may fall down doing nothing or get sucked by the black hole.

Blast Mining Rocks fall from above, mine as much rocks as you can, don’t hit the bombs.
Blimp Race You are on a blimp in the sky, reach the end of the course and dodge the obstacles. (no longer playable)
Block Hunt Everyone gets a block, try to hide it from the other team, and find the other team's blocks
Blow Dryer Battle Blow people off a floating platform using a dryer, be one of the last 3 standing.
Blox City Brawl Be one of the top three surviving players to knock out the others with your fist.
Blue Block Building Blocks fall from the sky, collect 47 of them to build a house. (no longer playable)
Bomb Ball This game is like hot potato, every player is in a ball, and one one ball becomes a bomb. Avoid being the bomb when the time runs out.
Bombs Away Avoid the falling bombs the controller is dropping on the ground.
Bounce Out Bounce out of a cave by bouncing on bouncy mushrooms. (no longer playable due to R15 issues)
Bowling Bustle One player has to knock out, using bowling balls, all of the players that represent pins.
Bullet Bound Climb the upcoming bullets to the top of the map to win.
Bullet Evasion Evade the oncoming bullets. Bullets spawn depending on where you and other players are standing. Bullets can also be coming in 2 directions at the same time.
Cake Delivery Each door holds a number. Search for your given number and deliver the cake before time runs out.
Cannon Cooldown Step on all the tiles and destroy the other team's cannon.
Castle Clash Fight alongside your team against the opposing team with your sword. The team that kills all players on the other team or has the most players left wins.
Castle Climb Players must climb up the castle walls using platforms that boost up and down, as well as turning wheels. Missing a jump would mean falling and starting from the point you landed. Players win when they reach the top of the castle wall.
Clear Side Try to get all the volleyballs to the opposite team. The team with the least volleyballs in their side wins.
Cliffside Chaos Try to survive while the blocks are moving back and forth.
Cloud Control You and your team must paint as many clouds in your team colour as possible than the opposite team.
Collection Contention  Collect the toys falling from the sky in a box, the 3 people with the most toys win.
Colossal Assault Players have to fight one of three bosses: Volcanon, Dr. Thanatos, or The Arbigrok, each boss having their own attack pattern (Volcanon shoots fireballs that create lava pools on the platform, Dr. Thanatos shoots lasers at different rates in different sizes that players must jump over, The Arbigrok fires ice balls that once they hit the groumd, will cause a large icicle to burst out the ground). All bosses also have an second attack where a green orb appears that players must touch in order to damage them, doing this 3 times will defeat the boss, and win the minigame. Failing to damage the boss 5 times will result the boss using a special attack that kills all players (no matter how much health they have), ultimately losing the minigame.
Compactor Crash Step on the neon blue lit areas before you are crushed by the compactor.(Like musical chairs)
Conveyor Conundrum Avoid incoming crates and try not to get pushed, as you will fall off the conveyor.
Crag Clamber Mobile: Climb the cliff by clicking the buttons on the side that are the same colors as the buttons on the wall.

Computer: Same thing but use your keyboard keys instead of colored buttons.

Crumble Island The platform is falling apart! Don't fall along with it.
Crystal Clear There are randomly appearing crystals, get one bfore the time runs out.
Cube Factory Find patterns to drop cubes and be the team with the most pattern broken!
Deforestation Dash Cut down all the trees first in your team before the other team.
Desert Dehydration Grab and drink cans of bloxy cola before your dehydration turns for the worse.
Destroy the Statue

REMAKE: Each team has their own statue. Your goal is to destroy the other team's statue by claiming cannons that will automatically shoot the statue. First team to destroy the other statue wins.

ORIGINAL VERSION: Given a sword, you must slash the statue as many times as you can to earn the most points than the other team. (Hint: spin while hitting the statue for more points. )

Dizzying Decisions Keep an eye out for the correct platform as it spins. It is highlighted by a semi-transparent green glow and gets faster with each round.

Downhill Roll

Roll your way down the obstacles to the end with your marble.

Drawing The Line Players need to control a pencil to follow the line drawn on the ground as they move forward and be as accurate as possible.
Eagle Observation Players must count the eagles that fly pass and avoid counting the wolves as well.
Easter Ice Thaw There is an egg in an ice block and everyone has a sector, when it thaws make sure its in yours. (No longer playable)
Expedition Sprint Players must race to the summit of the mountain while avoiding obstacles and doing parkour.
Fishing Frenzy Players must direct a fishing line downwards to fish as many fishes as possible and avoid sharks. Normal grey fishes give you 1 point, yellow fishes offer 3 points and sharks bite your fishing line, stopping you from moving your line for a short amount of time. The top 3 players with most points win.
Flintlock Fight Kill the other team with flintlocks while keeping yourself safe.
Four Corners Choose a corner wisely and avoid falling into lava. (Note: the choices are random)
Freeze Affray Try to freeze the opposing team with a freeze ray and thaw out your teammates.
Gear Battle Random weapons fall down from the sky and must be used by players to kill other players to be a part of the last 3 players standing.
Gladiator Grounds You're given a sword. Kill is many people as you can. Be the last one standing!
Going Underground Avoid dozens of obstacles while heading underground on a moving platform.
Hard-Pressed Players must avoid the hydraulic presses from flattening them until the timer stops. The players are also standing on a conveyor that switches directions several times during the round.
Haunted Hallways Find the right doors through each hallway and be the first to reach the end.
Hedge Way Out The walls are disappearing! Find a way out of the changing maze.
High Pressure The controller will choose to release high pressure from two pipes at a time. Avoid touching the steam, as you will die from touching it.
High-Rolling Try to guide your ball safely to the center without rolling off the path.
Just Jump Jump over the rainbow rope to survive.
King of the Hill There is a “hill” and everyone is given a ban hammer, knock people off the hill and whoever stays at the top the longest wins.
Lane Jumping Avoid traffic and reach the end safely.
Laser Cutting Safely avoid the oncoming laser obstacles. It gets faster every other second.

Hint: Do not move when you get spawned to the map, your avatar's face will be telling you the direction the lasers are coming. If you moved when you were teleported, try looking at someone else that isn't moving.

Laser Guidance Avoid the lasers while jumping over them. Careful, the controller may trick you!
Laser Tag Shoot other players with a laser gun and be within the top 3.
Lava Forecast Avoid getting hit by the falling lava balls. You will know where the meteors are when a round black mark is on the floor which means the lava ball is falling.
Lights On Jump over the oncoming lights.
Manic Mining You will be given a pickaxe when game starts.Be the first to find the green emerald.
Marble Madness Store most of the marbles in your team's marble pit to win!
Mechanical Mayhem Try to dodge the lasers frames while the machine spins faster and faster.
Mower Mania Mow as much grass as you can and collect as many before the other team.
Only One Path The path will light up several times. Follow the path!
Orb Collection Collect the most orbs for your team. (Removed due to R15 being incompatible with trampoline scripts)
Outbreak A zombie outbreak has occurred! Avoid being infected, if you are the zombie, infect everyone else.
Paint to Perfection Copy the colors of the painting onto your canvas to win.
Pipeworks Fix up all the broken pipes pouring water before you hit the red mark.
Platform Peril Avoid running into lava while the platform is controlled by the Controller.
Protect the Statue Act swiftly to prevent the sparks of fire from reaching the dynamite, as it will explode, destroying the statue.
Pyre Pit One player controller the fire bars and a fire shockwave, and the players below have to try to avoid it.
Revolution Cube Survive a revolving, trap filled cube until the timer runs out. Obstacles (classic) include a turntable, a lava cross, moving saws, spikes, flames, and electric tiles. Obstacles (temple) include a double turntable, a lava grid, elevated terrain, flaming tiles, spike tiles, and a lava spinner.
Ring Diver Collect as many rings as you can and be one of the top 3 players to collect the most rings.
Rocket Rumble Launch rockets at other players and be one of the last three standing.
Rolling Race Roll the giant ball across the obstacles and be the first team to finish.
Romper Stomper Players must avoid getting stomped from the mech controlled by another player.
Round Race Reach the end of a race course inside of a ball.
Shark Survival Jump over the floating obstacles quickly before the giant shark gobbles you up for lunch.
Shock Absorbers Players are inside a box with three switches, and have to hit a switch that has lit up, failure to do this gets you shocked.
Skewer Shuffle There are sixteen skewers, four at each direction, some are blocked by blocks to hid behind, avoid the skewers to the end.
Slippery Sledding Slide through the glaciers and reach the end in time. Avoid being bumped by other players, as it will slow you down. Also, severe bumping will also make you upside down for the most of the game which freezes your player.
Solo Swordsman A random player will be given a sword and speed. Avoid being killed by the player.
Spiral Ascent Make your way to the top of a tower while avoiding the obstacles.
Teamwork Trial Work together in a team to press buttons to reach the middle before the other team.
The Crusher Find holes in each floor before you get crushed.
The Sweeper Avoid being sweeped by the sweeper! Jump over it before it hits you.
Tile Takeover Help your team color the tiles their color. The most tiles colored by a team wins.
Toxic Reactions A sign will rise out of the water with a random color. Stand on the given colored platform as shown to avoid falling into water and dying.
Train Trouble Avoid poles with on a train.
Trial Traversing Finish the obstacle course before time runs out.
Turntable Scurry Find your way to the center of a tricky labyrinth. The turntables will indicate where it will be spinning and the arrows tell you where the end is.
Uncertain Ground Random deadly obstacles will begin to appear from the ground. Avoid them until time runs out. Obstacles (classic) include a tile that fades, a tile that drops, a lava spinner, a block that drops bombs, a tile turning into lava, and a falling lava ball (from Lava Forecast). Obstacles (temple) include a tile that drops, a tile that fades, a tile turning into lava, a landmine, a block that spits out arrows, and spikes.
Undead Aboard Fight off the zombie pirates trying to raid and invade your ship while defending yourself too!
Whack-a-Block Whack the most blocks than the other team with your hammer.


The game currently has 40 badges (As of October 2019). The directions to obtain it are in the badge descriptions.

Here is the list of the badges:

Name Image Badge Description


Play Epic Minigames.


Reach level 4 and unlock the title, 'Minigamer'.


Reach level 8 and unlock the title, 'Talented'.


Reach level 12 and unlock the title, 'Skilled'.


Reach level 16 and unlock the title, 'Seasoned'.


Reach level 20 and unlock the title, 'Expert'.


Pro badge
Reach level 24 and unlock the title, 'Pro', as well as access to the Pro servers.


Reach level 28 and unlock the title, 'Legend'.


Myth badge
Reach level 32 and unlock the title, 'Myth'.


Reach level 36 and unlock the title, 'Demigod'.


Epic badge
Reach level 40 and unlock the title, 'Epic'!


Win 5 minigames in a row.

Control freak

Control freak
Win as the controller in any of the controller minigames, leaving no one else standing.


Be the last player standing in the minigame, 'Gladiator Grounds'.

Quick escape

Quick escape
Be the first player to escape the mansion in the minigame, 'Haunted Hallways'.

Hit the jackpot!

Hit the jackpot!
Be the first player to mine the hidden emerald in the minigame, 'Manic Mining'.

Right on time

Right on time
Be the first player to deliver the cake in the minigame, 'Cake Delivery'.

Amazing performance

Amazing performance
Be the first player to find their way out of the maze in the minigame, 'Hedge Way Out'.

Speed sledding

Speed sledding
Be the first player to cross the finish line in the minigame, 'Slippery Sledding'.


Be the first player to reach the middle in the minigame, 'Trial Traversing'.


Win 10 minigames in a row.

There goes dinner

There goes dinner
Be the first player to reach the end in the minigame, 'Shark Survival'.

Spark of creation

Spark of creation
Be the first player to match the painting in the minigame, 'Paint to Perfection'.

Caught speeding

Caught Speeding
Be the first player to reach the end in the minigame, 'Lane Jumping'.


Reach the top 100 highest level players and unlock the title, 'Leader'!!!

Lightning bolt

Lightning bolt
Be the first player to reach the balcony in the minigame, 'Balcony Bolt'.


Be the first player to reach the middle in the minigame, 'High-Rolling'.


Be the first player to reach the bottom in the minigame, 'Downhill Roll'.

Only one winner

Only one winner
Be the first player to reach the other side in the minigame, 'Only One Path".


On your own, whack 40 blocks in the minigame, 'Whack-a-Block'.

Bullet speed

Bullet spped
Reach the top within 15 seconds in the minigame, 'Bullet Bound'.


Fill your backpack with at least 10 items of gear.


Purchase 30 items from the shop.


Introduce 3 new players to Epic Minigames when they follow you into the game.

Secret finder

Secret Finder
Find your way into the secret room.


Winner badge
Be on the monthly wins leaderboard at the end of a month and unlock the title, 'Winner'!!

Minigame Master

Minigame Master
Win every minigame at least once.

Mission accomplished

Mission accomplished
Complete 3 daily missions and win an item.


Complete 30 daily missions.


Get blasted out of the cannon in the lobby.

Exclusive Badges

These badges are exclusive and can be obtained for a limited amount of time. These badges usually go with events. There are currently 8 badges (as of October 2019).

Name Image Badge Description

Find Theodore

Theodore badge
Locate Theodore in a minigame and earn him as a prize for your ROBLOX character!

Climb complete

Climb complete
Reach the top of the mountain in the minigame, High peak climb', and earn the BFG Backpack for your character.

First to the top

Fisrt to teh top
Be the first to reach the top of the mountain in the minigame, 'High peak climb', and earn the Summer Camp Ranger Hat for your character.

Treasure found

Treasure found
Reach the hidden treasure in the minigame, 'Hidden treasure trek', and win the Silver Monkey gear for your avatar!

House complete

House complete
Finish building your house in the minigame, 'Blue block building' and earn the Mask of the Lost Village for your avatar.

Treasure hunter

Treasure hunter
Find 5 treasure chests across the various minigames, and win Scrooge McDuck’s Cane for your avatar!

Star Scrambler

Star scrambler
Collect all 5 stars in the minigame, 'Black Hole Scramble', and win the Galaxy Necklace for your avatar!

Top Tagger

Top tagger
Be one of the top 3 players in the minigame, 'Laser Tag', getting at least 5 tags, and win a porg!

Breeze past

Breeze past
Be one of the first 3 players to finish the course in Blimp Race and earn the Blimp Headphones for your avatar!

Eggcient Woolly Mammoth

Eggcient woolly mammoth
Collect the Eggcient Woolly Mammoth egg in the minigame, 'Easter Ice Thaw'.

ROBLOX Holiday 2015 Event

Main article: ROBLOX Holiday 2015

This is the first time for featuring in an event. The objective is need to find Theodore that it is spawning in minigames to get the Theodore.

ROBLOX Summer Camp 2016 Event

Main article: ROBLOX Summer Camp 2016

This is the second time for featuring in an event, and was sponsored by The BFG. Roblox's objective is need to be first climb to the top of the mountain in High Peak Climb to get the Summer Camp Range Hat. The BFG's objective is need to climb to the top of the mountain in High Peak Climb to get the BFG Backpack.

Legends Of The Hidden Event

Main article: Legends of the Hidden Temple

This is the third time for featuring in an event, the objective is need to complete obstacle course in Hidden Treasure Trek to get the Silver Monkey.

Smurfs: The Lost Village Event

Main article: Smurfs: The Lost Village

This is the fourth time for featuring in an event. The objective is need to collect 47 blue bricks to build a house in Smurfs minigame to get the Mask of the Lost Village.

DuckTales Event

Main article: DuckTales

This is the fifth time for featuring in an event. The objective is need to collect five treasure chests hidden across various minigames to get the Scrooge McDuck's Cane.

Space Battle Event

Main article: Space Battle

This is the sixth time for featuring in an event, and was sponsored by Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Roblox's mission is need to collect 5 stars in the Black Hole Scramble minigame to get the Galaxy Necklace. Star Wars: The Last Jedi's mission is need to place in the top 3 players and at least 5 tags in the Laser Tag minigame to get the Porg.

Kids' Choice Awards 2018 Event

Main article: Kids' Choice Awards 2018

This is the seventh time for featuring in an event. The objective is need to finish top 3 in the Minigame Blimp to get the Blimp Headphones.

Egg Hunt 2019: Scrambled in Time Event

Main article: Egg Hunt 2019: Scrambled in Time

This is the eighth time for featuring in an event. The objective is need to win the Easter Ice Thaw minigame by getting the ice cube to player's area to get the Eggcient Woolly Mammoth.


This section is a trivia section. Please relocate any relevant information into other sections of the article.

  • Epic Minigames has been awarded on The 6th Annual Bloxy Awards as Best Lobby.
  • You used to be able to purchase flame and sparkle effects from the shop. Now, you could only get it by completing 2 daily quests.
  • Some of the minigames were inspired by various Mario Party minigames. One example is Compactor Crusher. The minigame is extremely similar to Mario Party 9's Smash Compactor minigame.
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