Silent Assassin is a stealth/survival game created by TypicalType. This game was subject to significant hype before releasing, and due to this it was able to reach 1 million visits in the span of 12 hours.


There are three roles available in each round: Target, Guard, or Assassin. At the start of each round, a single Target and Assassin are chosen, and the remaining players are Guards.

The main goal of the Target is to protect themselves by avoiding the Assassin. On the Target's radar are three briefcases. The more briefcases the Target collects, the more the survivors will be rewarded at the end of the round. The Target has no weapons to protect themselves, which leaves them completely defenseless. This is where the Guards come in.

The goal for the Guards is to protect the Target by killing the Assassin. Guards are equipped with their Primary and their Secondary weapons, both of which are guns. Guard weapons can be purchased and upgraded using coins earned in-game. Guards can also purchase additional gear, such as a tripwire that will mark the Assassin on everyone's radar for 15 seconds if triggered. Guards see other Guards and the Target on their radar but can only see the Assassin on radar if marked by tripwire or marking bullets.

The main goal of the Assassin is to kill the Target, then get to the escape point without being killed themselves by the Guards. The Assassin can see Guards and the Target on radar. The Assassin will be equipped a knife which is capable of dealing an OHKO (One-Hit Knockout) to Guards and the Target. In addition, the Assassin will be granted two abilities: the ability to sprint and the ability to cloak. These abilities are activated for a short time before needing to recharge. Secret pathways and ropes where Guards and the Target cannot get to are also available for use by the Assassin. The Assassin can also hide inside bushes, which cannot be penetrated by Guard bullets. The Assassin also has the option to use various items which can be purchased with in-game coins, such as a flashbang grenade, which temporarily blinds Guards, and a health potion. The Assassin has 3 minutes per round to kill the Target, and even though outnumbered, the granted abilities make the Assassin extremely dangerous.

If the Target is murdered by the Assassin, the Assassin will then have 60 seconds to escape. During this time, the remaining Guards must hunt down and kill the Assassin before he/she escapes. When the game ends, everyone teleports back to the main lobby for a short intervention before the next round.

If the Assassin is killed, the Guards and the Target win. However, if the Target dies and the Assassin is killed before he/she can escape, the Guards still win but receive less Coins and XP at the end of the round. Finally, if the Assassin manages to kill the Target and escape successfully, they win.

A new feature as of early 2018 is the addition of Free for All rounds, which occur every 4th round. The free-for-all round can be using knives, in which case each player has the abilities of an Assassin (bursts of speed and invisibility), or using guns, in which case players shoot each other but do not have extra abilities. If killed, a player respawns after a short delay. In gun free-for-alls, the Primary weapon will run out of ammunition (until the players respawns after being killed), while the Secondary weapon has infinite ammo.

Getting Started


Sa lobby


You will spawn into the Lobby. On the top of your screen (click to expand the image), you will see headshots of the current Target and Assassin as well as how much time is left in the round. A red X over either or both images indicates the player has been killed. If the Target is dead and the Assassin is not, the Assassin is in the process of escaping. If the Assassin is dead, the round is ending. You may also spawn in during the map selection and countdown to start a new round.

If you've never played before, click on the Settings icon described below and select No for "Playing" to prevent being entered in a round before you orient yourself.

On the left side of the screen are a number of icons:


Sa settings


<— Clicking this icon will bring up the game's Settings menu.

Sa settings screen

Settings Screen

The color scheme of the Settings menu is not intuitive; settings which are selected have a dark background, while unselected settings have a light background (a green highlight of some sort for selections would be more intuitive). For example, the top line in the image shows Playing set to Yes. If you spawned in and want to orient yourself without getting put in a game right away, click on No here and you're good. Other settings needing explanation are:

Sprint key (assassin) [PC] - The Assassin can sprint for a short duration at a much higher speed than Guards. When exhausted, this ability must recharge. This setting dictates which PC key must be pressed to sprint: Shift, R, or Both.

Sprint activation (assassin) - Selects the key action for the sprint power. Hold means the key must be held down to sprint; releasing it stops the sprint. Toggle means the key must be pressed and released to start sprinting, then pressed and released again to stop.

The settings for Cloak key and activation have the same meaning.

You can purchase a gamepass to be the Assassin twice as often; the last setting turns this on and off, assuming you purchased it.

Settings will be saved, with the exception of the Playing setting, which will always default to Yes on entering the game (probably so you don't freak out in case you forgot you turned it off).

NOTE: The game has some pretty darn catchy music. Opening the settings menu will display the current artist and song in the lower-right corner of your screen.


Sa shopping icon

Clicking this icon will bring up the Shopping menu:

Sa shopping screen


At the top right, you can redeem codes posted on Twitter by the game's author.

Of main interest for gameplay are the Guns, Gear, and Perks sections. This section may be expanded, but briefly:

Guns: A primary and secondary gun may be equipped.

Sa guns screen


Here the Assault Rifle is equipped as Primary. Stats show it has good Fire Rate and Accuracy (how closely grouped the bullets are at range) but mediocre damage. On the lower right you see a number of power-up options for it. This section starts off empty; upgrades must be unlocked over time by doing damage with the selected weapon. Clicking on the upgrade will explain what it does. Unfortunately, only one upgrade can be active at a given time (might be a nice gamepass idea to allow multiple?). Currently, there are 7 primary weapons and 4 secondary guns.

How good an upgrade is for a given gun is a matter of testing and experience. For example, the Fire Rate upgrade is +25%, while the Damage upgrade is +20%. Damage per second (DPS) can be calculated as shots/sec * damage/shot, meaning that an increase in DPS is directly proportional to both Damage and Fire Rate. Ergo to maximize DPS, Fire Rate is a better upgrade than Damage (and you thought math was useless!).

The Gear section allows equipping one item each for the Guard and Assassin roles. They are mostly self-explanatory. The Guards' Objective Locator needs a bit of extra explanation. The "current objective" of the Assassin is the Target, while the Target is alive, so you get an arrow that points to the Target. This is pretty useless since the Target is always a green dot on your radar. But once the Target is killed, it will point to the exit the Assassin needs to head for to escape, which can be useful for a last-minute kill-or-be-killed faceoff with the Assassin.

The Perks section allows equipping two Perks each for the Guard and Assassin roles. These are sufficiently well described on the screen.

Skins can also be bought to customize your guns and knives. You can sell your skins if you don't like them. In order to use a skin, you first need to have the weapon the skin is for.

Trade Hub

In the Lobby you will find a billboard with a Join button for going to the Trade Hub, where people can trade skins. You earn cases with skins via gameplay (or Twitter codes) and can trade items here. (Note: this section needs to be updated by someone who has actually done this).


Gamepass Image Pass Description Price


Become a VIP and receive the following benefits:

- x1.5 Coin bonus

- x2 gun upgrade unlock rate

- An exclusive skin for every weapon

- A free Unordinary case every day you play

599 Robux
x2 Assassin Rate
Be the assassin twice as often!

This can be toggled on or off from the options menu.

899 Robux
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