UNICORN_BFFARECOOL (more known by her YouTube channel Tiana) is a YouTuber with over 11,200,000 subscribers. In some of her videos, she plays Roblox. Tiana's videos are challenges, pranks, toy reviews and more.


List of popular pranks:

  • Slime Pranks
  • TV Pranks
  • Sticky Slime Pranks
  • Ball Pit Pranks
  • MacBook Pro Pranks
  • iPhone X Pranks
  • Foam Pranks


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  • Tiana reached 10,000,000 subscribers on her Tiana YouTube Channel (formerly Toys AndMe) channel on December 28th 2018.
  • Some "Bad Baby Tiana" videos have been deleted or privated because they have violated YouTube's terms of service.
  • As of May 29th, Tiana changed her channel name from Toys AndMe to Tiana. 
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