Ultraw is a Roblox game developer noted for creating Clone Tycoon, Clone Tycoon 2 and Restaurant Tycoon. His other tycoon games include Skyblock Tycoon, Gym Tycoon, Sushi Factory Tycoon, Pizza Factory Tycoon, and Restaurant Tycoon 2. He is also a former Roblox intern.


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  • He was once nominated for Builder of the Year, despite mainly being a scripter.
  • He raised $1,000 for charity in 2017 through a Restaurant Tycoon game pass.[citation needed]
  • Ultraw uploaded a video containing the evolution of his games from 2010–2018. 
  • He produces music and has a Soundcloud page. His favorite music producer is Martin Garrix.
  • He worked as an intern at Roblox HQ in the summer of 2019.
  • His favorite pizza toppings are ham, pineapples, and mushrooms.
  • His favorite song is If I Lose Myself by Alesso.
  • His first front page game was Escape Justin Bieber's House in January 2012.
  • He is currently studying Computer Science.
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