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Bloxxvile (often abbreviated as B.V.) was a city roleplay game which was created by Uluis on March 23, 2008. Back in late 2008 and early 2009, it was one of the most popular games on Roblox. It had seven teams for the player to choose from, which acted as jobs. There was once eight, but the phone store job later removed due to "technical difficulties".[citation needed] Bloxxvile also had a "Juice Bar" which looked like an old saloon. Uluis uploaded the old version to another place slot for nostalgic players. However, Uluis appears to have quit development on the game with its last update being on March 3, 2019, where the game was shutdown due to being broken.


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  • Bloxxvile is often accused of being a copy of Robloxaville, although Bloxxvile was created first.
  • Bloxxvile has badges, but they were not functional and now unobtainable due to the game being shutdown.
  • Proper grammar titles "Bloxxvile" as "Bloxville" instead.