VivianTheFox (also known by the alias catbeweird) is a Roblox YouTuber and former trader.



There are multiple places on the account. To name a few, "🌸Vivian's Pretty Little Home 🌸" "❤️ Vivi's Pretty Profile Place! ♥️". and, "Escape the House Obby."

VivianTheFox was an active forumer on the Let's Make a Deal subforum while the forums were around, with a total of 12,594 posts.


Their YouTube channel, catbeweird, has gained 8,720 subcribers since its join date of March 30th, 2011 as well as 1,908,242 views since its first video was released.

The channel mainly focuses on the more obscure parts of Roblox, such as facts and as well as the occasional event held with fans, such as "ROBLOX: Desert Bus (with fans)" and "ROBLOX ARCTIC FOX RAID 2018."

The most viewed video on the channel is "Four ROBLOX Hats that Make Sound In-Game!" which has amassed over 332,000 views.

Most videos on the channel have around 5,000-55,000 views, and there are a total of 38 videos on the channel, which is slightly surprising since there's over one million total views on their channel. Vivian has given her account to a friend since she has lost interest in Roblox.


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  • Vivian prefers to be referred to by she/her, and may be considered a 'furry'.
  • Vivian quit trading on August 25, 2018, after trading for the Domino Crown.
    • However, on February 20, 2019, Vivian tweeted that the crown had been stolen by a user named infamous (now terminated), who they considered to be a close friend. The thief appears to have obtained access to Vivian's account through a vulnerability in Team Create. Vivian has asked for those who have viewed the tweet to bring the incident's attention to Roblox (who only responded with automated emails after the victim requested a rollback).
    • A few days later, someone from the Roblox team thought Vivian was lying.        Due to this, Youtuber Nathorix spoke up and made a video about the incident.   Vivian was given a new Domino Crown afoon restored.
    • Vivian's new domino crown came from DragonWant
  • There have also been vivid speculation that she has a Roblox toy as seen here
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