Survive The Disasters! is a popular disaster survival game created by VyrissDev. It is one of the oldest and most well-known disaster survival games on Roblox, with a rise to fame that started in 2011 and remains stable today. However, the game's popularity tends to pale heavily in comparison to its earliest and closest competitor, Natural Disaster Survival.

Notable feats

It was once the most visited game on Roblox back in 2011–2012 until it was beaten in terms of place visits by Base Wars: The Land and Paintball!. It is the first game to achieve 300,000 favorites, and was also previously the most favorited game on Roblox at one point with over 475,000 favorites.


In Survive the Disasters, players attempt to survive a wide variety of disasters for 30 seconds. Surviving a single disaster would earn the surviving players 270 points on average (though the exact point payouts are varied depending on the disaster) which can be spent on the shop for helpful and/or fun items, such as a Bloxiade and Gravity Coil. The main map usually consists of an indestructible shop, a small playground, a 4-floor tower structure, and a house from Happy Home in Robloxia. Environments in the game also change every certain amount of time, such as converting into a volcano land and a picnic land that adds corresponding scenery, such as adding giant food items at the picnic theme.

Occasionally, Vyriss would add a new disaster along with making other changes. There are now several maps in the game (one example being Green Hill Zone, an area in the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise. The game's latest update, as of May 15, 2014, now has 97 disasters, with some of the disasters in the game removed and eventually updated due to some of the disasters not functioning properly. After some disasters were returned, two new disasters are added, including Press the Button and Trampoline of Death, and eventually in April 27, 2013, a third Battle Box disaster that involves shooting at players using paintball guns.

A major update in May 1, 2013 revamped many disasters and ensured that all disasters will function normally when spawned, provided free VIP tools for every player in the game as a compensation for no VIP in the game due to TheFurryFox not having Builders Club membership. However, in May 27, 2013, the VIP tools were later provided in a separate VIP T-shirt that first costed for 15 Robux or 50 Tickets due to him gaining back the membership. The VIP tools that were included were the Gravity CoilSpeed CoilGraffiti Skateboard, and a Ninja Throwing Star.

Another type of VIP was added to the game at June 12, 2013, called Super VIP. It included an Epic Katana, a Gravity Coil, a Chartreuse Periastron Gamma sword, a Grapple Hook, and a Jetpack. The first price of the T-shirt prior to being put off sale was 90 Robux and 360 Tickets

As of July 8, 2013, the VIPs are now available in a form of a game pass, reducing the need to wear the VIP T-shirt to the game and thereby putting the T-shirts off-sale, although the VIP T-shirts are still usable in the game. The regular VIP game pass costed the same in Robux, though the price in Tickets was increased from the first price by 50%, going up at 75 tickets, up until the current price of 120 tickets/20 Robux. The Super VIP Gamepass, however, is available in Robux at a price of 125 Robux (previously 800 Tickets). The September 21 update added extra points upon joining a server for the VIPs, with regular VIP rewarding 900 points, while super VIP grants 1,800 points, allowing access to more items in the shop.


VIP Pack: 35 Robux
You'll spawn with Gravity Coil, Speed Coil, Graffiti Skateboard, Black Ninja Throwing Star, along with 900 extra points!

Super VIP Pack: 125 Robux
You'll spawn with Epic Katana, Gravity Coil, Laser Sword, Grapple Hook, Jetpack and an extra 1800 points!

Fusion Coil Pass: 50 Robux
Don't like switching back and forth from your Gravity Coil to your Speed Coil to escape danger? Gravity and Speed Coil are now fused together, having the power of both coils on a single tool!

Silver Ninja Star: 15 Robux
A throwing star. A little weaker than the Black Ninja Star, although a slight faster firerate with a little bit more throw power. Use this to eliminate humanoid disasters for points!

Game Master Sword: 210 Robux
Buy this to spawn with the Game Master Sword, an item that is worth 24,000 points!


Editor Notice: More disasters to be added.
The game currently has 97 disasters, though 67 disasters have been still discovered and more will be added soon. Here's a list of some of the disasters:


This disaster is based off the titans from the Attack on Titan anime franchise and fits most with the Attack on Titan themed map scenery.

SURVIVAL TIP: It's recommend to stay inside the house, or use a speed coil.

Acid Rain

Acid rain is a fictional disaster based on reality's acid rain which rustens up several objects. However, this acid rain dissolves blocks and does some damage to players who are not below shelter.

SURVIVAL TIP: The best place to huddle under is the shop area which does not dissolve.

Rolling Boulder

Every player will be spawned on a different map, inside a cave. Their main goal is to dodge and survive the massive boulder that would roll down just a few seconds after spawning.

SURVIVAL TIP: Players must run to the sides to avoid being hit. If they are hit by the boulder, there would be instantly killed.


A goku will say kamehameha then he will use his giant laser that moves corner to corner. 

SURVIVAL TIP: The best way to survive this disaster is to avoid standing in the right-most, middle, or left-most of the map. Players must be present by the back corner of the map, opposite from the house and shop where the laser would not reach.

PewDiePie's Brofists

Based on the popular gaming YouTuber PewDiePie (Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg)'s popular gesture called Brofist, the disaster involves multiple fists attacking the players.

SURVIVAL TIP: Try to hide behind the house, if it's fully destroyed, hide behind other stuff in other maps ( Signs, or trees for example )


Multiple Minions from the Despicable Me animated film series appear in the disaster to attempt to chase down and kill nearby players.

SURVIVAL TIP: Get on top of the shop area or the roof of the house, they won't reach.


A popular Creepypasta character of the same name appears in the game and chases down the nearest player to kill it. The environment during the disaster will change to be consistent with the computer game that popularized Slenderman called Slender: The Eight Pages, with multiple dying trees appearing in the map to create a resemblance to the woods that is found in the aforementioned game.

SURVIVAL TIP: Get on top of the shop area or the roof of the house, they won't reach.


This disaster is where six slices of cake chase you.

SURVIVAL TIP: Go to high grounds and keep your distance, or if you have a weapon, kill the cake slices, but don't go near them.

Giant TheFurryFox

It includes the eponymous creator of the game, TheFurryFox, in giant form, chasing down the nearest player to kill it.


A group of creepers from the indie sandbox video game Minecraft will spawn in the map and try to kill players with explosions once touched. 

SURVIVAL TIP: The best way to avoid them is to go into the higher elevations, such as the towers or the chimney of the house.

Trampoline Of Death!

A large trampoline covering the map's lowest points appears and attempts to kill players by sending them to the ceiling once touched.

SURVIVAL TIP: It is recommended that you get to higher elevations to survive it and avoid standing in low elevations.


Invisible ghosts will chase players and kill them. Every few seconds they appear and reappear. 

SURVIVAL TIP: Avoid standing on low elevations and stand in places where they are incapable of reaching.

Press the Button!

A green button appears on the center of the area. Players need to reach near the green button in order to survive. After the button is pressed, a giant red barrier surrounds the free space, killing any players that touch it. In other words, if the player is not fast enough to reach the area near the button and a player presses the button, they would be instantly killed by the red barrier. The player, once the button is pressed, has approximately three seconds to get into the safe area.

SURVIVAL TIP: Use a speed coil.

Cereal Bowl

Players are teleported to a large white bowl, which would be filled with large, round, and brown cereal pieces, which are Cocoa Puffs cereal pieces, that bump any player who touches it. Afterwards, the bowl will be filled with milk, which would drown and kill any player that touches it, though at this point, trusses will appear. 

SURVIVAL TIP: The trusses could provide protection from the milk when the player is on the top.


A group of Jason Voorhees, characters from the popular horror movie franchise, "Friday the 13th" will spawn on the roof and chase down and attempt to kill the nearest player. 

SURVIVAL TIP: When the disaster starts, it is best for the player to stay away from the house to decrease the risk of death and stand on the tower.


A group of oranges with mouths that are larger than the player's characters, which are actually using the model of the LOLHOO hat, will spawn at the far edge facing the house and begin to chase down and attempt to kill the nearest player.

Yoshi Eggs

Giant eggs decorated like Yoshi eggs will rain down and kill anyone who gets touched by them.


A group of Spongebob SquarePants from the hit Nickelodeon television series of the same name comes out from a pineapple house at the far edge and attempts to kills everyone in plain sight. In the May 1st, 2013 update, more of the casts of the aforementioned series are added to spawn in-game, which are Patrick StarSquidward Tentacles, and Sandy Cheeks.

Hole In The Wall

3 large walls with small holes appear and move towards the shop, house, and playground. 

SURVIVAL TIP: Players have to go through all of the walls, which can kill if touched. The walls are very difficult to avoid, since the walls move rather fast and in confusing positions.

Killer Fog

A fog will appear in the area covering most of the lower part of the area and kill everyone that is inside the fog. 

SURVIVAL TIP: The player must go to high elevations on the map to survive.

Raining Noobs! Take Cover!

Noobs will start falling from the sky. The noobs are approximately 5x bigger than the average character and kills any players if touched.


An Illumina sword will spawn in front of the house and will explode when touched by the player only, though prior to the September 21 update, any part could cause an explosion. Its explosion radius will reach the playground. 

SURVIVAL TIP: A good idea to survive this is by running to a corner before any unaware player touches the fake Illumina.

Epic Fail Katana

An Epic Katana will spawn in front of the house on a block, and whoever takes it will be killed by a giant katana that strikes down the player who takes it. Sometimes a glitch would occur in which it lets the victim take the katana without freezing him/her. Prior to the September 21, 2013 update, the player who touches it will be frozen, but the near-immediate death animation was added in the update as the freezing of the player was actually a bug in the programming of the disaster. Prior to an unknown update, any player that touches it will make it rain more Epic Katanas, same as the one that strikes down the player who takes it, but in random areas and using the same sound.

SURVIVAL TIP: Knocking the katana off the block by throwing an apple pie at it and then grabbing the katana will not result in death, or you could avoid the other raining Katanas.

Dodge the Weegee Blox!

Huge green bricks with pictures of a drawing of a staring Luigi on them will appear around the map. If the player touches a brick, he/she will die and the points that would be rewarded for survival will be cancelled out. There's no exact strategy for this and he/she must actually dodge them. The Weegee Blox may appear at random areas, though they can appear on the far edge, the left, the right and behind the house, but never on top or below. 

SURVIVAL TIP: The possibility of dodging one is rather low, given the speed of the blocks although good timing and reaction can help increase the chances of survival.

Raining Shurikens

Shurikens will start falling from the sky and takes 10-25% of a player's health if one hit him/her. 

SURVIVAL TIP: Players should seek shelter and avoid the shurikens in order to survive.


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Four large fruits (Apple, Orange, Pear, Pineapple) will chase players around the map. A glitch occurred which had Pineapple repeatedly dying. This was fixed later on.

Shoop Da Whoop!

A "Shoop Da Whoop" face will appear at the far edge of the map and fire a blue laser at the house, causing the house as a whole to be heavily destroyed, and killing all players who would attempt to cross the laser.  SURVIVAL TIP:  It's best to use a speed coil to get into a position away from the house and avoid going near the house. The laser will aim at the house and kill players who are near or in the house.

Raining Hot Potato

Huge flaming potatoes will fall from the sky and kills any player(s) who touch it. It also burns anyone in its burning range. The disaster also has a rare giltch which the player is still on fire when he/she respawns (confirmed).

Bullet Bill

A bullet bill (from Super Mario) will crash into the middle of the map causing similar effects as the disasters Giant Meteorite, Illumina, and Huge Bomb, which is the huge explosion that can virtually kill every player, should they not stay at the corner when the explosion occurs. 

SURVIVAL TIP: This disaster is a very dangerous one and can be avoided to ensure survival if the player runs or grapples to a corner. It aims for the house.


A giant Elmo, Noob, Snowman, or Zombie, depending on the choice of character, appears and attempts to attack any players on sight while occasionally crushing down buildings at the same time. To avoid it, players should try to stay on a corner nearest to the house, or stay away from the giant humanoid's chasing range. It is also possible to kill the giant humanoid with a shuriken or any other weapon bought from the store. Occasionally, there is a glitch in which either the giant humanoid doesn't appear at all, or the humanoid dies instantly when spawning.

Flash Flood/Rising Lava/Rising Acid

Only 2 of the 3 disasters have "Rising" in its name, it is water/lava/acid rising up. Once the water/lava is just below the top floor of the tower, it vanishes and the disaster is over. However, the acid reaches just at the top floor, making survival slightly harder, so players need to reach the pole or a slightly higher elevation in order to survive. 

SURVIVAL TIP: A good strategy is to try to reach to the top of the tower or to go to a high elevation before the water/lava/acid drowns/burns the player.

Raining Sparkle Time Fedoras

Sparkle Time Fedoras 10 times the size of a regular one will rain down. There is a red fedora which can drop into the area every second that's bigger than the normal golden one, is able to explode for a few seconds, and usually hits the middle of the map. Any player(s) caught in the explosion of the red fedora dies and cannot qualify for earning points for surviving the round.

Spike Wall

This is one of the harder disasters, as the player must not get caught into a spike in the incoming giant black  spiked wall.

SURVIVAL TIP: The best way to survive is to stay down and go into the black areas of the wall that are in between the spikes.


Giant colored bricks shaped like the pieces from the popular video game Tetris fall down and damage anyone who touches it.

Huge Bomb

A huge bomb appears in the house and explodes after a short time. Its trigger radius will reach the tallest building. 

SURVIVAL TIP: The best strategy for survival is to run to the corner. The reason it explodes in the house is because new players and guests usually camp, or stay, in there.

Sonic Attack

A giant blue ball with a picture of Sonic the Hedgehog appears around the map. It kills any players that touches the ball. 

SURVIVAL TIP: It's unlikely to dodge it, unless the player uses good timing and reaction, which can help increase the odds of survival.

Tsunami Wave

A big tsunami appears on the far edge of the map. Its huge height will reach the tall point of the tower. 

SURVIVAL TIP: The player can dodge this if he/she has a "Gravity Coil" and jumps at the correct timing.

Rising Pillars!

One of the couple only fan-made disaters, this seemingly impossible-to-miss disaster involves cylinder pillars (hence the name) moving through the place, killing anything in its path. 

SURVIVAL TIP: The only way to avoid it is to be in the right spot at the right time, yet an easier way to avoid it is to stay right below the spawning area (which is slightly above the ground and is shielded).

Raining Gears

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Giant gears rain from the sky, crushing any unprotected players.

SURVIVAL TIP: Stay inside the house. If the house is destroyed, go inside any other place where there is a roof (walls can also be an optional factor).

Flying Explosive Noobs

A horde of noobs appear, but with abilities. The abilities are the ability to fly, and the ability to explode on contact, homing into incoming players, which makes them rather dangerous. 

SURVIVAL TIP: Players should not go outside, but find a good protection area (i.e. corner near the playground) which are away from the noobs.

Flying Noobs

It is the same as the Flying Exploding Noobs, except that they do not explode.

Giant Shark

A giant shark (hence the name) that represents Jaws opening up its mouth, will try to kill players by making them touch the shark's fin. 

SURVIVAL TIP: The best way to avoid the shark is to be on higher grounds.

Giant Noob Head

Hence the name, there is a giant head with a regular face, and it is yellow, remiscent of a stereotypical Roblox Noob

SURVIVAL TIP: The best way to avoid the head is to be on higher elevations.


A giant pumpkin head will spawn at the far edge of the area, laughing a demonic laughter for the duration of the disaster. Smaller yet large pumpkins come out of the giant pumpkin head. The pumpkins will target the nearest player, therefore killing him/her on contact. 

SURVIVAL TIP: A good strategy is staying on higher grounds.


A small group of DemonSing, who is TheFurryFox's brother's account, will spawn at the roof of the house, killing nearby players. 

SURVIVAL TIP: To reduce the chances of being killed when the disaster occurs, it is best for the player to stay on a tower, a treehouse, or any other area that is not near a house.

Justin Bieber

An (in)famous pop star singer named Justin Bieber will appear in the center of the area near the house and chase and attempt to kill the nearest player until the disaster ends. 

SURVIVAL TIP: A good strategy for surviving the disaster is to be on a high point.


A group of humanoids that resemble a werewolf will spawn at one end of the map and chase down nearby players. 

SURVIVAL TIP: The easiest way to survive is to stay as far away from them as possible.


Similar to Giant Shark. A group of snakes will spawn at one end of the map and chase any players nearby. 

SURVIVAL TIP: The best strategy to survive is to stay away from where they spawn. There is a glitch that is currently occurring occasionally in which the snakes are dead when they first spawn, making the disaster significantly less dangerous.

Guest Apocalypse

A group of guests wearing a brown hat called Erik Cassel's Hat, formerly called Well Worn Hat prior to being renamed in honor of Erik.cassel, co-founder of ROBLOX, will appear and chase down the nearest player. However, flying guests are also present, increasing the danger of the disaster. 

SURVIVAL TIP: Like many disasters similar to this, the best way to survive is to stand on top of the house or tower, but in this disaster, it is possible for a flying guest to fly to the player at the tower and kill them. Another good way to survive it is by going behind the house, assuming that it is mostly intact, so players who are exposed outside would die first, then respawn and get the guests to chase down the respawning players.

Exploding Pies

Multiple large explosive large pies would drop from the ceiling, killing any players it crushes and exploding after a short while, also killing anyone caught in the vicinity of the explosion. SURVIVAL TIP: Stay in a house or any other structures with walls and a roof, staying in the corner can be an option.

Exploding Presents

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Similar to Exploding Pies, but the pies are replaced with presents.

SURVIVAL TIP: Same as Exploding Pies.


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Same as the Exploding Pies/Presents disasters, except the pies/presents are TNT Sticks.

SURVIVAL TIP: Same as Exploding Pies/Presents Disasters.

Hand Rocket (Originally "Giant Hand")

A white hand appears on the edge facing the house, firing red block rocket projectile that is 4 studs long and 1 stud thick at nearby players, possibly destroying them or even killing them, along with any unanchored bricks it hits. The disaster, originally named 'Giant Hand', used to shoot orange spheres that functions similarly to if not the same as the current disaster. It was also broken before the September 20 update, in which the hand does not fire the orbs at all, making survival nearly if not entirely guaranteed for every player.

SURVIVAL TIP: Try running around with a speed coil, or hide behind a structure.


Based on the Terminator from the movie franchise of the same name, it will shoot two rockets at players every second. 

SURVIVAL TIP: A good strategy is to hide behind a protective barrier, move fast from the projectiles, or get out of its aim. Originally, it was broken for a long time, with the Terminator not attacking the players, guaranteeing survival for almost every player and therefore more points added. Go behind indestructible objects (ex. A pillar from a shop, crater, volcano, etc.)

Rocket Turrets

Intended to shoot the players with rockets, there is currently a glitch where they will instead spaz out in turns, thus not being able to shoot and not harming anyone.


A giant brick with an Epic Face decal on it will suddenly appear from the edge facing the house and kill anyone that is above the standing height of a person. 

SURVIVAL TIP: A strategy for survival is to fall down to the ground as fast as the player can if he/she is on a high elevation, such as the top of the house or the tower, and do not attempt to jump in the duration of the block moving through the area. Having a gravity coil while falling is not recommended, as they make the player fall slowly and doesn't give the player enough time.

Raining Hats

Like most raining disasters, giant hats will fall out of the sky and kills a player if the character touched. However, one bumping into the bottom of the tower can cause the tower to move.There can occasionally be one hat that is red and on fire spawning down into the area once in a while in the duration of the disaster. A similar removed disaster is present called "Raining Zombie Heads".

Soccer Balls

The disaster with no name in-game, giant soccer balls will fall out of the sky. The balls kill any players that touches it. Unlike other disasters, it will happen with no mention of its name due to not having one.


A group of bats spawn near the house and can fly up to the top. 

SURVIVAL TIP: A good strategy for survival is to avoid attracting one towards the player and to stay away from the house.

Oil Spill

The disaster is similar to the disasters Flash Food, Rising Lava, and Rising Acid, in which a large pool of liquid that kills any player(s) that touches it continually submerges from below until the disaster is finished. Unlike the other three disasters, there are a bunch of trusses out in the open which the player can climb. Any brick it touches (except the trusses) will turn black.

SURVIVAL TIP: One of the main point for survival is to climb one of the higher trusses, although the player can actually just stand on the middle of the roof or chimney of the house or on top of the tower.


This disaster requires players to move up in order to survive. The fire will start on the ground, but go up. The player must get to a high elevation. It usually happens after GET DOWN!, or vice versa.

Lava Jumps

When the disaster starts, players will teleport out of the disaster area and onto a moving platform with large lines of lava, which the player must avoid touching by jumping over them and to avoid falling off the platform by continually moving. Players that die in the disaster "minigame" respawns back at the normal area.

SPECIAL TIP: Use a gravity coil to jump over 2-3 lines of lava!


A giant Pacman (from the game Pac-Man) will come following and killing players.

SURVIVAL TIP: A good idea is to go to high ground to survive, but Pacman will also swallow bricks for an easier chance for players to die.


A giant Telamon (currently named Shedletsky in ROBLOX) will spawn at the edge facing the house. Afterwards, the giant Telamon will spawn a bunch of Telamons, including some flying Telamons, killing any players that it touches.

SURVIVAL TIP: One of the best way to survive is staying on top of any building, although some of the flying Telamons that are present in the disaster can increase the risk of death, cancelling out the reward for survival for the disaster.

Avalanche/Rolling Eyeballs

A ramp will spawn at the edge facing the house with large snowballs/eyeballs. After spawning, the snowballs/eyeballs will fall towards the house, possibly breaking down many buildings and even unwary players. The best way for the player to survive is avoid the snowball/eyeball's movement path or being on top of a building. In the May 1st, 2013 update, the Annoying Orange Ramp, a similar disaster using anthropomorphic oranges based on the comedy series The Annoying Orange, is replaced with Rolling Eyeballs, redesigning the oranges with large eyeballs.

Battle Box 1

A disaster that takes place in an area outside the disaster area called the Battle Box. In it, players can pick up a nearby sword and kill other players. There is a trick for (potentially) easily killing many players where the player can use a gear called Epicsauce before the player is teleported into the battle box and his/her character will spin rapidly and could then grab a nearby sword and kill other players easily.

Battle Box 2

Another disaster that takes place in the Battle Box. This is similar to Battle Box 1, but instead of swords, players use rocket launchers to kill other players.

Battle Box 3

A continuation to the Battle Box series of disasters, players can attempt to survive in the Battle Box like the previous 2 disasters by fighting other players in it, but unlike the 2 Battle Box disasters, attacks are done with paintball guns in order to eliminate players.


Formerly named "HAX!", the disaster involves a fast-moving NPC that resembles a stereotypical Noob and carries two rocket launchers and a giant sword in order to attack and demolish players.

Black Hole/Tornado

A giant Black Hole or a Tornado appears at the middle of the map, sucking anything into it. The only safe spots are like in the house, or on the tallest building.

Crazy Robloxian

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A giant user named "RealCrazyRobloxian" will appear and destroys everything in its path.


An igloo will spawn in the middle of the map and penguins will come sliding out that sound like Pingu, killing anyone they touch.

SURVIVAL TIP: Like most of the disasters, the best way to survive is to stand on top of the house or tower.

Crushing Wall

A blue-colored wall will go through the map, killing any players that touch it.

SURVIVAL TIP: The only way to survive is go to the farther-most left side, or the right.

The walls are closing in!

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A light blue wall covers all 4 sides of the map. The wall shrinks, and after a while, the wall stops shrinking. Players touching the wall are instantly killed.

SURVIVAL TIP: Use a speed coil and run towards the center, fast.


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Thiefs spawn occasionally being several humanoids. They damage the player and take away Points from the player.

Nyan Cat

A disaster based on the famous YouTube video Nyan Cat and will color every brick rainbow and kills any player it touches. Also, the Nyan Cat song will play.

SURVIVAL TIP: Use the Speed Coil to get away from Nyan Cat before it kills you.


  • As of around October 2013, this game is a victim of Doge lawsuit.
  • In July 8, 2013, Super V.I.P. game pass was added. The Super V.I.P. pass will grant the player Epic Katana, Gravity Coil, Laser Sword, Grapple Hook and Jetpack in game.
  • As of May 2013, TheFurryFox added Creeper as a new disaster, returned the removed Terminator (now finally attacks the player) and she revamped tons of disasters.
  • As of April 27, 2013, this game is one of the most known and third most visited game in ROBLOX.
  • There is a glitch in Giant Elmo and other giant humanoid disasters in which their head will fall off and suddenly die, therefore most if not all could survive and win points due to the glitch.
  • As of April 27, 2013, TheFurryFox had already deleted Terminator and Rocket Turrets, as well as fixing Giant Hand and therefore replacing it with a similar disaster called "Hand Rocket".
  • Some players would often abuse, with enough points, the Ban Hammer and/or the seat ball, which bumps the player that is hit by it, because they want their victim to die during a disaster, therefore they do not receive points upon death. This tactic is colloquially constituted as griefing, since it is the intentional harassment of a player/players by cancelling out their rewards of points during a disaster.
  • This game was reviewed by the famous ROBLOX user XiaoXiaoMan in a Raging Roblox Reviewer video. In this video, he criticized about how many disasters that are in the game were very difficult to survive, such as complaining how the "Plane Crash" disaster was virtually impossible to survive. He also made note that some disasters are too easy to survive, such as the fact that the "Rocket Turrets" disaster is broken at the time of the review, making the disaster very easy to survive. He also made note that a great number of disasters were merely rehashes of already-existing disasters, such as zombie attacks with different characters taking on the role of the zombies, e.g. Guest Ambush, Jason Vorhees, and Justin Bieber.
  • In October 2012, many disasters had fog added, such as bats and zombies, as a part of the ambience of the disasters.
  • In May 27, 2013, TheFurryFox has gained Builders Club membership after several months of being a free user, thus allowing him to add a VIP T-shirt for the game, which costs for 15 Robux, along with 19 badges.
  • In October 28, 2013, TheFurryFox has add the game pass called Fusion coil.
  • In November 27, 2013, TheFurryFox has added the gamepasses called Silver Ninja Star.
  • There's a glitch where the player's points are taken away for unknown reasons.
  • For unknown reasons, Dodge the Weegee Blox does not show anymore.
  • On October 1, 2014, TheFurryFox has made a sequel to the game, Survive The Disasters 2.


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  • The description of the Nyan Cat badge is a reference to Skittles.
  • Many people go on top of the Crossroads tower for a higher chance of survival.
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