WhoToTrus (formerly UberJNemeis007) is a Roblox game developer and UGC creator. He is mainly known for his UGC items and developing the theater used in the 6th Annual Bloxys.


WhoToTrus first joined Roblox on April 15, 2012. The accounts of Trus first joining Roblox are not remembered properly. Trus believes he joined from finding a YouTube video of a 2008 Roblox game showcasing flood destruction physics, which piqued Trus' interest in joining Roblox.

For two years, Trus was a regular player on Roblox, under the initial alias of UberJNemeis007; the meaning behind the username is non-existent, and Trus also denies the numeric portion of the username being related to the character James Bond.


Although, in August 2014, Trus built his first computer, which was able to run Roblox Studio, unlike his previous desktop. At this point, Trus got his start in developing at a small studio known as Dimension Studios. At Dimension Studios, Trus picked-up his building skill; it wouldn't be until the summer of 2017 he would start 3D art for his own game — Tropics Paradise.

After Dimension Studios, Trus worked for multiple other groups, primarily Devteam6, on a Roblox remake of Squad called Fireteam.

From there on, Trus would later join now notable studio, ROLVe Community. He primarily worked from 2014/2015 until June 2016, such titles include Counter-Blox: Roblox Offensive, Gun Game (the original Arsenal), and Typical Colors 2. Although, his developing contributions were minimal; however, he's done more community-related work, such as founding the Counter-Blox Competitive League (CBCL), alongside co-making the first ROLVe Discord server with the user, Proofyy.

Departing from ROLVe, Trus would go on to work on his last project before founding his own studio, Project Minigames by Xertz Studios. After the release of Project Minigames, Trus was relieved from Xertz Studios due to problematic chemistry with one of the team members, influencing Trus to make his own studio, Polycount.

Tropics Paradise

The creation of Polycount would lead Trus to make his first project on Roblox, called Tropics Paradise. It is here that Trus started 3D modeling, which would later lead to his membership in the Roblox User-Generated Content program.

Tropics Paradise started development in August 2017, between WhoToTrus and KeysOfFate. It took 4 different scripters to fully start development and release it in March 2018. Later on, the game received its own Roblox toy figure in real life, called Seashell Fanatic Sally as a part of the Roblox Mystery Box Series 6 line, launched in the spring of 2020.

6th Annual Bloxys

While it was not Tropics Paradise that would propel Trus' reputation, it was rather the 6th Annual Bloxys event, which was Trus' first gig for Roblox. He was noted for his communication on Twitter during the release of the 6th Annual Bloxys, primarily refunding seats, handling requests and reports, and answering media figures (YouTubers). It is also during this time that Trus met Awes_3, a programmer for the Bloxys project.


During the Bloxys project, Trus would befriend Awes_3 and the duo would go on to start Rebricked , with their first game being Tycoon Hospital . Tycoon Hospital started development in March 2019 and released for early access on February 22, 2020. It has been noted that after the full release of Tycoon Hospital, Trus and Awes_3 would work on a new game immediately.


Trus was one of the first developers to participate in the Roblox UGC program. One of his first five hats sparked controversy on the morality of the UGC program, that being the Downtown Denizen Fedora. He currently runs his own group for UGC called named Aricsul And Arthur's Hat Co. alongside the developer and UGC creator, TheShipArchitect.


On the afternoon of July 23, 2020, he received a 1-week ban[1][2][3] due to his UGC items The Prideful Concoction and The Transitioning Concoction being massively reported as offensive, specifically their initial names.[4]

As of recent, Trus received word that Roblox administrators are manually taking a look into the ban.[5]


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  • He is the third UGC creator to surpass 100,000 sales on his items.
  • He has a raven character he uses to represent himself online by the name of Abram.
  • He's a dual citizen, holding both a Russian and American citizenship.
  • He's one of the many Roblox developers to form a real-life company out of his Roblox work; called Trusov LLC, which is described as a 3D art and consulting services group.
  • According to his Twitter, he goes by he/they pronouns.
  • He has changed his username over 8 times, including to such names as KingKudos, Cthonus, and DonaldTrus.
  • A tweet reply from Trus states that he used to work as a Political Consultant.[citation needed]


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