Widgeon is a game developer that has created many popular places.


Hostile Skies

Widgeon's most recent game, Hostile Skies, is a game based on a WWII dog fighting simulator. The game is currently open to all players and can be played here.


The Plaza 2 is a sequel to the original The Plaza, this game is currently in ultra-pre-alpha. Players spawn in a futuristic monorail station. However, after a few seconds of being on the monorail, it will derail off the map as the train tracks only extend there and the player will die. There is a escalator which leads to a lobby and a futuristic version of the Tower Condos called the Plaza Tower.

The Plaza [Original]

His most popular game, it had been on the front page for a week. It currently has over 23 million place visits. It is based on the GMod Tower gamemode for the popular sandbox game Garry's Mod, and places the player in an exact replica of the gamemode's lobby, complete with the eponymous tower. The game itself is intended to be a highly immerisve social experience.

Lumber INC 3!

The popular sequel to Lumber INC 2!. In it, players must use different vehicles to cut down trees, process them into planks, and ship them off.

Mining INC!

A mining game that requires teamwork. Like its predecessor the Lumber INC series, it consists of completing a specific industrial objective (in this case, the mining, processing and shipping of metals and jewels) using different vehicles.

Mini Golf!

An online mini golf game. It is based on the Minigolf game from the GMod Tower gamemode for Garry's Mod, as is the Plaza.

Aegis Beta

A strategic military simulator. It consists of creating or working for a "faction" by building and taking down enemy factions.

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