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Checkpoint Racing is a racing game created by Wingman8. The players of the game, race with each other in randomly generated, limited open-world environments with vehicles. These vehicles range from hatchbacks, to sports cars, pick-up trucks, off-road cars, and luxury cars.


In this game, the goal is to drive through a series of checkpoints in a randomly generated environment to win a race. The checkpoints can be un-ordered, or ordered, which is dependent on the race's round/heat. Even rounds utilize ordered checkpoints, and odd rounds utilize un-ordered checkpoints. The race map's environment also changes every 5 rounds/heats, to minimize repetitiveness and boredom.

To prepare for a race, the player has to park their vehicle in the maroon red-painted area of the map. The game will then register the player as a player that is 'Racing', but not exactly when the bright red wall is still raised. Once the given 50 seconds is over, the game will then remove the bright red wall to start the race. Within the last 45 seconds, the game will block off the entry ramps to prevent last-minute entrants. Should the player decide not to race, they must exit the maroon red-painted area of the map by crossing the entry ramps before the last 45 seconds.

To successfully win a race, the player has to achieve a 1st place standing, instead of a 2nd or a 3rd place standing. This will be then added to a player's statistics, which is counted under 'Current' or 'Life' wins. Winning a race will also reward the player with points, but the reward system heavily depends on the player's completion time. In other words, the faster the player completes a race, the more points will be awarded to the player.

Should a player be somehow dismounted out of their car, or get themselves killed by a random physics breakout, or run out of time, the game will consider that as losing. This will force the player to be immediately kicked out of the race and be sent back to the spawn point, which will then force the said player to watch the race. There is also no compensation or consolation prize for losing the race; and that would mean that no points are awarded for losing.

As the game employs points as a reward, it can be used as currency to purchase faster or slower vehicles to help the player 'progress' further in the game. The vehicles can also be upgraded by using points, but only for once, and they cannot be upgraded or downgraded again. However, if the player buys a paint upgrade for their vehicle, they can continuously repaint it as they see fit (but they cannot sell the paint upgrade back for points). Additionally, the game also does not allow the player to sell their purchased vehicles, so it is wise to think very hard before buying a vehicle.


There are 10 vehicles altogether in this game, with varying statistics. These vehicles are also organized in two groups, A, and B. The vehicles' statistics are shown in the tables below, and it also assumes that the vehicles have been fully upgraded.

For reference purposes, the terminologies used to rate the statistics are: Very low (0/6), Low (1/6), Moderate (2/6), Medium (3/6), High (4/6), Very high (5/6), and Extreme (6/6). A statistic that is 'Very low' would mean that the statistic bar is not even covered at all, and a 'Low' statistic would mean that the statistic bar is covered by one sixth. This goes respectively for the other statistic ratings, too.

Please note that the 'Speed', 'Acceleration, and the 'Handling' statistic can be increased or decreased dynamically by the road surface, or the environment, in other words. For example, grass and other uneven surfaces will reduce the speed of your vehicle, but they can remain unchanged if the vehicle has a sufficient 'Off Road' statistic. On a special asphalt surface (mainly the banked racetrack), all vehicles will receive a +16 or a +17 speed boost to their 'Speed' statistic. This means that for example, if a fully upgraded 1965 Mustang were to go on that specific surface, it would have a top speed of 187, instead of 170. Although, the said special asphalt surface reduces the 'Acceleration' and the 'Handling' statistic.

Group A

Vehicle Speed Acceleration Durability Handling Off Road Price
2010 Toyota Prius 156 Medium Moderate Low Moderate 17,000
2003 Mini Cooper S 158 Moderate High Moderate Moderate 18,000
2016 Fiat 500 152 Extreme Medium Low Low 19,000
2016 Ford Focus 163 Moderate High High Low 25,000
2015 Chevrolet Trax 152 Moderate Very high Low Moderate 22,000
2005 Toyota RAV4 5-door 154 Medium Extreme Moderate Moderate 26,000

Group B

Vehicle Speed Acceleration Durability Handling Off Road Price
1967 Cadillac Sedan deVille Hardtop 170 Medium Very high Moderate Very low 28,000
1965 Ford Mustang Hardtop 170 Medium Moderate High Very low 33,000
2016 Ram 1500 4-door Crew Cab 157 Moderate Extreme Moderate High 34,000
2016 Jeep Wrangler JK 160 Medium High Low Extreme 39,000