wookong was an early Roblox employee. He was hired around October 2007 as a client engineer and contributed to the game's graphical design. He introduced a new engine as well as explosions and shadows. Wookong quit his position as an administrator in April 2008 for undisclosed reasons. When his account was compromised, his username was changed to "antekbaranski". Antek Baranski was another former employee at Roblox.   


Wookong was terminated in November 2018. Currently, there is no clarification from Roblox as to the reason for this. It is speculated that Wookong either requested the termination or that his account was compromised due to the removal of numerous limiteds prior to the account's deletion. His name was changed to Ashfiel, and then antekbaranski.


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  • He is featured in the Roblox HQ place which was created by builderman.
  • In 2007, he was in a cave which almost collapsed on him.
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