Deathrun 2 is a popular game that was developed Wsly and Zomebody, with the help of Spacek531 and Velibor.

The game has reached the Decline phase since the release of Deathrun 3.


The gameplay of this game is very simple. The basic objective of the game is to run through the obstacle and avoid getting killed by the killer, reach the end and kill the killer as fast as possible. In the beginning, a random player is chosen to be the killer while the other players remain as runners. The runners must go through the obstacle while the killer tries to kill them. If a runner dies, they will spawn at the lobby and can spectate other players.

In the beginning of the round, runners will be teleported to their spawn area, and the killer will be teleported to its spawn area. The killer must kill all the runners by clicking a button, triggering a traps that can kill a runner. The runners have to avoid the traps and work together to finish the obstacle and kill the killer. A runner can trick the killer into mistakenly activating a trap, and a killer can also trick runners to fall into their traps.

There is only one way to win if you're a runner, and that is to finish the obstacle course in the map and kill the killer. If a runner reaches the end of the obstacle they will teleport to the killer's spawn and will receive a weapon. The runner must kill the killer with their weapon before the time runs out. Meanwhile, if you're a killer, the ways to win a round is to kill every runner or waste their time until the timer finishes resulting to the killer's victory. Runners who haven't moved for an unknown amount of time will be immediately killed for not being cooperative.

After the round ends, fireworks are set into the air, and a congratulatory music is played. If the runners win, every surviving runners will get 10 coins, but if the killer wins, the killer will receive 25 coins. While waiting for another round to start, players can explore the lobby, play a little game of spleef, or buy something from the shop. Intermissions lasts for 20 seconds, after the intermission is done, a GUI will show what map will be on next round, including the name and image of the creator, image of the map, and a difficulty rating.

While you're at the lobby, you can change the into AFK mode and you can stop the music. You can also check out the stats, shop, and badges. If you click the Stat button on the top bar, you can see the name, the amount of coins, the rounds played, the rounds won and lost, and the win/lose ratio of every player in the server. You can find leaderboards that shows off players with the most amount of coins, the most rounds played, the most rounds won, and the highest win/lose ratio inside the lobby. You can also purchase effects, weapons, upgrades, maps, and more coins in the shop.


The maps in the game are decorated and built by depending by their name. In this game, each map has a killer and runner spawn point, traps, buttons to activate traps, and coins. At the end of each map, there is a victory pad where in if you touch it, it teleports you to the killer's spawn point so you can kill your enemy. Some of the maps are very detailed, killers can even hide while the runners are looking for them. 

During the Summer run and Winter run updates, the maps were decorated with seasonal changes. Some of the maps changed their names and were decorated, but some were not. Maps like: Ancient Jungle Temple, Floating Sky Ruins, Mountain of Death, and Seasonal Island changed their names and the decorations. Meanwhile, the other maps were left untouched. 

Name Creator Difficulty
Seasonal Island Zomebody 2
Ancient Jungle Temple OKevinO 5
Castle Defense Zomebody 5
Floating Sky Ruins Zomebody 4
Glacier of Death Wsly 4
Seasonal Island Zomebody 2
Surface Escape NWSpacek 3
Treacherous Taiga tails807 4


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  • The game has won the 2014 "Action Game of the Year" award.
  • The Game reached 12M Visits as of 4/28/15
  • There used to be coins falling in the spleef room in the old lobby.
  • There used to be slot machines in the old lobby.
  • After the updates of Summer run and Winter run, the map "Surface Escape" was not available. It was brought back again in March 15, 2015.
  • In the map "Surface Escape", to activate a trap, you must click a lever instead of a button. 
  • In the map "Mountain of Death", you can receive a badge if you got hit by a lava boulder.
  • In the map "Ancient Jungle Temple", the coin was removed and was moved to another place because it made players get away from the traps easier.
  • Deathrun 2 has its own pillow.
  • The "Congratulatory/ Lobby Music" is Colossus by Blue Fox Music.


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