Xonnek2 aka Darkninja730 (known on YouTube as Xonnek) is an infamous Mexican YouTuber on Roblox who mainly uploads videos consisting of MeepCity and Jailbreak gameplay. He is notorious for click-baiting, stealing thumbnails, exploiting and witch-hunting YouTubers who have criticized him. His YouTube channel has over 1,300,000 subscribers.

Hospital Roleplay 3.0

In June 2017, Xonnek took the very popular "Hospital Roleplay 3.0" game and made it into his own game, which uses an absurd amount of free models to "improve" the game. The game itself has achieved over 2 million visits.


Xonnek has been harassing other YouTubers and causing a lot of arguments between him and other YouTubers. He's highly criticized for clickbaiting and using other YouTuber's video ideas and thumbnails. Behind all of this, he responded negatively by attempting to get his subscribers to send hate towards the YouTubers who criticize him. In late August 2018, Xonnek was called out for stealing ideas from YouTubers such as legobloxian. This resulted in several Roblox YouTubers such as KonekoKitten, greenlegocats123, Nathorix, and even legobloxian to make videos of Xonnek exposing him for his actions. In response, Xonnek told his fans to mass dislike the videos. This caused a lot of controversy between the YouTubers.

Xonnek announced his fans to spam a hashtag on the videos comment section: #TeamXonnek. When someone replied with #TeamXonnekEsBasura (translated to English as #TeamXonnekIsTrash), Xonnek wrote an aggressive comment to the user stating that "You have only 62 subs. Say it without crying." (written in Spanish) Many people have disliked Xonnek for this reason. Legobloxian stated himself that Xonnek was "witch-hunting" him and that he has gone too far.

A few days into the controversy, Xonnek uploaded a video titled "NUNCA CRITIQUES A XONNEK!!!", which translates to English to "NEVER CRITICIZE XONNEK!!!". The video implied that Xonnek is faultless, although he had no evidence to his argument. For that matter, he later realized that the video broke YouTube's term of service, which later led to him taking down the video. However, a re-upload of the video can still be viewed here.


Xonnek2 was terminated on September 6, 2018, with the Moderator Note reading: "Your account has been deleted for violating the rules of the Roblox community."(The Note is in Spanish). The reason for this is because he used exploits on multiple games. He was also terminated for using exploits to have sexual intercourse with his fans.[1] Once terminated, he pretended that nothing happened and migrated to his other account named Xonnekk_22. He did the same thing after his main account was banned.


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  • Xonnek, on his channel, speaks only Spanish and claims to not know English, however, this has been disproven as multiple videos show that he can speak "perfect" English.
  • His YouTube channel can be still found on YouTube.
  • He was "Xonnek" on BrickPlanet before he was banned from the website. BrickPlanet later shut down, removing all users on the website.


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