Yorick was a user made by the administrators during ROBLOX 2006. His place, active during the 2008 Halloween event, contained 4 riddles for players to solve in order to reach the end and get the grand prize; the Riddling Skull.

The map was made by Jacobxxduel and the skull by FFJosh, who is now a ROBLOX super moderator. The map contains many trees, a mountain, a graveyard, a poison river, and a mansion. Hidden within the map were hints to help the players solve the riddles. At one point in the mansion, a decal instructed users to turn on their computer's sound if it already wasn't. If the players followed it, they would be able to hear a telephone ringing upstairs,which was not the path to the skull. Next to the phone was a balcony which lead to a hidden room. The room had an office theme with a poster on the wall explaining the hidden video contest.

Against exploiters

  • On April 2, 2012, right after April 1 hack, exploiters entered Yorick's account and made Yorick's Resting Place active, but a user could not get the Riddling Skull hat.
  • Someone used a place stealing exploit to take Yorick's place and give it to the public. However, the Riddling Skull giver was broken and removed.


  • Yorick is named after a reference to a character in William Shakespeare's Hamlet. The quote, "Alas, poor Yorick!", on his profile is from the play.
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