Yorick's Resting Place was a place made by the administrators during ROBLOX 2008. Not only was there a video contest for it, but if you beat the place you would have gotten the Riddling Skull. Yorick's Resting Place is currently closed, but you can play a copy of it at Super Nostalgia Zone . In Yorick's Resting place, the place contained 4 riddles for users to solve in order to reach the end and get the grand prize; the Riddling Skull. The answers to the riddles were, in order, "fish", "wind", "time", and "darkness".

The place has accumulated over 136K place visits and 10K likes. A max of 20 players were allowed to access the game per server.

At an unknown date, the place was made uncopylocked.

Against Exploiters

  • On April 2, 2012, right after the April 1st attack, an unknown exploiter entered Yorick's account and made Yorick's Resting Place active, but you still couldn't get the Riddling Skull hat. A few hours later, ROBLOX Administrators fixed it and made the place inactive. Yorick was last seen on 4/2/2012 at 7:04:19 PM. However, while searching for Yorick on the search bar, it will say he was last seen on 10/21/2006 at 3:23 PM.
  • Someone used a place stealing exploit to take Yorick's place and give it to the public. However, the Riddling Skull giver was already broken and removed.


The map was made by Jacobxxduel, (Who is also known as Reverse_Polarity)  and the skull was by FFJosh who is now a ROBLOX administrator. The map contains many trees, a mountain, a graveyard, a poisonous river, and a mansion. Hidden within the map were hints to help the players solve the riddles. At one point in the mansion, a decal instructed users to turn on their computer's sound if it already wasn't. If the players followed it, they would be able to hear a telephone ringing upstairs (which was not the path to the skull). Next to the phone was a balcony which lead to a hidden room. The room had an office theme with a poster on the wall, explaining the hidden video contest. (The assets used for it are here and here .)


Sometimes, players would receive multiple skulls by accident. For instance, SSB4, Tomunga, gunlugga01 and wayfinder all have two skulls, while user wetnwild has eight.


  • Yorick is named after a reference to a character in William Shakespeare's Hamlet. The quote "Alas, poor Yorick!" on the profile is from the play.
  • When the player reached the skull, a message saying "Sorry, but the skull is in another castle...just kidding!" would appear. It's a reference to Super Mario Bros. 3 Peach's quote.
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