Youri Hoek (Yourius, formerly RangeMeludE) is a Dutch Roblox game developer and UGC creator known for creating the roleplay game The Lords of Nomrial.


It is likely Yourius bases his game off of other roleplay games, which may include Final Fantasy and RuneScape. A lot of his older models and a new upcoming game by him include a character he created named Destructias.


QClash Skinsb

Characters and unlockable skins Yourius created for Q-Clash.

Yourius joined the group "SO Games" at the end of 2016 to work as a 3D modeler on characters for their shooter game known as "Q-Clash!".


Yourius was criticized for creating a game that another player would eventually remake later on. A game developer named Kitteh6660 remade his game. It is almost identical except for the presence of 'realms' and more weapons/monsters and another cape. Thus, Yourius lost popularity which was leeched off to Kitteh6660. Because of the action, a rumor had spread that Kitteh6660 had "hacked" Yourius' game. A few years later, the two seemed to have solved this problem resulting in Kitteh6660 having a moderator position for The Lords of Nomrial.


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  • Yourius is Dutch. This information can be proven by looking on his groups, which shows that he is the moderator of the group known as "Dutch Robloxians".
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