ZacAttackk, formerly known as ScriptBuilder1000, is a user most known for his games. His first famous game was "Can you survive a Tsunami?" packing around 950,000+ visits. Zac is reasonably known among some of the ROBLOX community, some of which are players from 2011. In 2014 he created Vampire Hunters 1, claimed by himself to be "badly scripted" and "not his best work". Despite this, it has managed to claim over 7 million visits. After being in development for many months, Vampire Hunters 2 became open for BETA testing, getting around 100,000 visits up until the point where it randomly gained popularity and hit the front page that same night of June 25th, despite the fact that it was supposed to be released on July 16.

Can you survive a Tsunami?

Can you survive a Tsunami, nicknamed "CySaT" by the creator, was the first fast-paced map changing disaster game. It was worked on slowly throughout late 2010 and early 2011 as it was not a main project. The game gained fame on February 19, 2011. During the time, CySaT was the most popular game for 3 weeks in a row, holding the top position on the games list, much like Murder Mystery created by Nikilis. The game was later taken down due to the Japanese Tsunami on March 11, 2011. Multiple copies of the game still carried on running under the radar due to various players using the "Bait and Switch" scam.

The game is still able to be played today, but it isn't very popular.

Vampire Hunters


Vampire Hunters

Vampire Hunters is a Horror game made by ZacAttackk during the Summer of 2014. This game is similar in gameplay to the Murder games. In each server there is one vampire, one detective and the rest are innocents. A full server includes 12 players. The goal of the survivors is to survive until the time is up, or cooperate with the detective and help him to find out who is the vampire. The vampire looks like any other human in the game except when he/she's in "beast" mode. The vampire can kill other players by touching them whilst in this state. (It takes some time, unlike the Murder games.) The vampire can also change his form back to normal, and by doing so he can fool the other players. This game reached the front page at least once. At the time of this edit, the game has achieved over 7,000,000+ visits, being the first largely popular game made by Zac since 2011.

The Glitch

The Glitch is another side project created by ZacAttackk. It features a mysterious but deadly being (The Glitch) in which appears randomly in rooms near or next to players in order to kill them. Around the same time Vampire Hunters became popular, The Glitch managed to become first in the "Top Rated" section of the games page. The game has managed to achieve over 943,000+ visits.

Vampire Hunters 2

Vampire Hunters 2, a sequel to Vampire Hunters 1, is one of ZacAttackk's newest games. So far it is in the Stable stage of development and has managed to acquire vast popularity. Like Vampire Hunters 1, it follows a murder game-like aspect where there are different rounds with a selected vampire and detective. There are three regular "classic style" rounds followed by a special round (e.g. Infection or Vampires vs. Survivors), in which then follows a map change. What's different with VH2 is that the amount of effort put in to build it was significantly increased, there is a main menu, you can customize your own character and name it, you can buy shirts and pants as well as hats, there are survivor abilities to unlock & buy as well as vampire abilities and there are different gun types.Also in 2016 the game development of Vampire Hunters 2 became slow. Because Zacattackk started developing mega games. It currently has over 35 million visits.

MEGA Games

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ZacAttackk's MEGA game  is in early development stage. Has few testers, and not open to the public. The development of the game is still being done, because badges are being added into the game. He also posts the development of the game on his youtube as top secret game development. And it has a fan group.

Vampire Hunter 3

In Reddit Zacattack announced Vampire Hunter 3 the sequel to Vampire Hunter 2 is currently in Development, Vampire Hunter 3 has new things such as new Beast faces, the ability to crouch, punching, etc. test server


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  • His game was so popular in 2011, that he gained a mass amount of stalkers that followed him to any game.
  • After the deletion of CySaT, it was changed to Acid Erosion, but later on was set to inactive by the creator when he quit.
  • It is believed that famous scammer PiePerson50 has created a spin off of CySaT, the place even features the same tsunami model created by Zac.
  • Famous former-admin Shedletsky (named Telamon at the time) and famous game creator Her0z, creator of R.U.N and various other games both obtain the welcome badge from CySaT.
  • User MrIsMay took the blame to why CySaT was deleted, and gained negative reputation from his actions.
  • ZacAttackk has also contributed to many games such as The Mad Murderer, Darkness II and Stop it Slender!.
  • Zac generally likes to work alone on his games.
  • Zac is gay, as seen in his groups he is in true colors.
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