Vampire Hunters 2 or VH2, is a game made by ZacAttackk and is the official sequel to the game Vampire Hunters. It currently has about 45M+ place with 301K+ player favorites and a positive like to dislike ratio. After being in BETA for some while now, it has been officially considered complete. The point of the game is to either survive the round, help the detective, be the detective, or be a vampire. Unlike Vampire Hunters, the player is allowed to choose their clothing, name, etc. You also get in-game cash to buy clothes, abilities, and gun appearance. There are also game passes to have membership such a silver, gold, and platinum to get extra accessories.  A sequel, Vampire Hunters 3, is currently in open beta.


The following interview was between Thundermaker300 and ZacAttackk on Error: Page "User blog:RBLXDeveloperInterviews/ZacAttackk: Vampire Hunters 2" does not exist., as part of the Developer Connections Project.

What was it like developing Vampire Hunters 2?
It was a hobby to me to create Roblox games, I was in high school at the time and would often spend most of my time after school working on it. I wanted to make a higher quality game than Vampire Hunters 1 which had mild success but I knew I could do better as I made it when I was younger.
What challenges did you have to overcome while developing? What was the most challenging?
As ever being a solo developer had its challenges, such as development taking a while and relying on your own motivation levels (of which some times were nonexistent). The biggest problem was that I didn’t know how to use DataStore to save and load data, which I couldn’t solve and burnt out and took a long break. When I returned, I got help from a fellow developer who made a perfectly functional save/load system!
What did you enjoy most while developing Vampire Hunters 2?
Creating the content, such as maps and abilities, and seeing it all come together in the final product. It took a lot of effort to get every aspect of the game as functional as it could be and just seeing everything work well together and the game play out on a map I had just implemented, people hiding in spots and vampires locking down a dark section of the map for easy kills.

‚ÄčGame passes

There are, as of September 2020, 12 game passes are available to be bought for the game.

  • 2.5x Vampire Chance‚Äč - 550 ROBUX¬† You will have a +250 chance of becoming the vampire every round!
  • 2.5x Detective - 550 ROBUX¬†You will have a +250 chance of becoming the detective every round!
  • Silver Member - 125 ROBUX¬†This pass will grant you 4 FREE items that non-silver members cannot buy. Also, you will earn 1.75x as many credits from your winnings!
  • Gold Member - 450 ROBUX¬†You get quite a sum of credits when you win. Over time you may win 50,000 credits, which turns out to be 112,500 if you own this pass. Here are the features you get in owning this: 8 FREE items that non-gold members cannot buy, earn 2.25x as many credits through winning, and¬†wear two hats at a time!
  • Platinum Member - 925 ROBUX¬†You get loads of credits. Over time you may win 50,000 credits, which turns out to be 150,000 if you own this pass. Here are the features you get in owning this: 12 FREE items that non-platinum members cannot buy, earn 3x as many credits through winning, wear two hats at a time, and ability to have custom clothing!
  • Custom Music - 5 ROBUX¬†Have the ability to choose what music you want to play in.
  • VH1 Character Guide - 5 ROBUX¬†When customizing your character you can check to see in a list of the characters from Vampire Hunters 1 what shirts and pants they're wearing as well as their physical appearance. The text will appear in green if you are wearing the right shirt/pants/hair etc. If you click the shirt or pants button and don't own them, you will be brought to the shop. If you do own it, click it to wear it.
  • Professional Stylist - 10 ROBUX¬†You can use many different colors and hair styles, as well as many more different faces.
  • Pro Flashlight - 15 ROBUX¬†You have the ability to change the color of your flashlight in-game!
  • The seasonally clothing packs were recently released in game pass¬†form.


People have criticized this game for having too many "teamers," people who use exploits, and a toxic community. People also criticize this game because of how many glitches and bugs it has. For example, there was this one bug where it makes people into spectate mode only, and it never ever let you play the actual game, but only let you stay in the lobby.  Recently, many of the large exploits were fixed.  But instead of exploits, the community instead uses glitches to make the game unfair, such as glitching out of maps, spam clicking doors to make it impossible for anyone to enter and exit, and spamming beast mode which makes it almost impossible to escape if you are being grabbed.


Survivor: Hides from the vampire and tells the detective who it is or who they are, and if they get grabbed, they can fight back with survivor abilities (found in the store).  Survivors become detectives if they pick up a dropped gun.

Detective: Their role is to find the vampire(s) and shoot the vampire(s).  If they shoot an innocent survivor, they are killed for friendly fire.  Detectives become survivors if grabbed by vampires.

Vampire: Seeks survivors to kill and bites their necks. They can infect 1 survivor per round (except for special rounds, like Juggernaut and Vampire Vs. Humans.)  Being able to transform their first victim into a vampire is only available with rounds with more than 8 players. But they can't get shot by the detective. Most of the rounds the vampire can use their vampire abilities (found in-store).


Classic: The basic round, includes one vampire and one detective, the rest survivors. The first person to be killed by the vampire in this round turns into another vampire (except if the round has less than 8 players.)

Helpless: A special round with a hide and seek theme.  There is one vampire that has to kill every survivor without the time running out while avoiding their abilities.

Vampires vs. Humans: There are multiple detectives against multiple vampires. No survivors.

Juggernaut: Multiple detectives against 1 powerful vampire. It usually takes 8-10 shots to kill him/her (without durability abilities).

Infection (only for large servers): Like juggernaut except killed detectives turn into vampires. The transformed help the original infect every remaining detective.  The original vampire has regular health.

How To Play

Survivor: They need to hide, and if they see the vampire, they tell the detective who it is by saying the name in the chat. If they get grabbed, they must quickly press a "click to escape" button to get away, otherwise they're doomed. You can also become a detective by picking up a blue rectangle with the middle cut out, or a blue rectangle with a gun in it. 

Detective: They shoot up any vampires that are out there by pressing on them when insight. But if grabbed, they can get away, but they lose their gun. 

Vampire: They must find all survivors and drain them of their life by pressing V or a "beast" button to do so. But if they get shot, they will receive damage and possibly die if they don't have an ability that increases their health.

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