Zed_Gaming (formerly known as Zednov, originally known as MarcsMinion) is a developer on Roblox. His rise to fame began in 2014, when he was the top player in the Global Player Points Leaderboard (player points5+) with his brother, Zernov. He later became famous for his places. Today, he is more known as a famous Tycoon Developer. He made a tycoon kit similar as the one that Berezaa did. However, he also used the "bait and switch" scam to scam other users.


As of August 10, 2016, he has been terminated due to ROBLOX taking his Robux tycoon too seriously, in July 2017, he was terminated again on his alt, ZedGamin_YT.

However, Zed came back on his newest alt, ZedG_YT.

Zed_Gaming's Tycoon Kit has proven useful to many and is used by about 90% of tycoons now on ROBLOX. Due to its ease of access and lack of scripting capabilities needed this has become the consequence. Regardless of Zed_Gaming's large contributions to the ROBLOX community he was and still is terminated to this very day.



  • Noob Defense Tycoon
  • Egg Factory Tycoon
  • Advanced Murder Tycoon
  • Ninja Dojo Tycoon
  • Murder Tycoon
  • ROBLOX Battle Tycoon
  • 2 Player SF Tycoon
  • Candy Warfare Tycoon
  • Space wars tycoon
  • Advanced Warfare Tycoon


Last Avatar of Zed_Gaming was take photo by TheColourScheme as ":char me Zed_Gaming" of admin cmd at