ZephPlayzYT is a Roblox YouTuber who has accumulated over 1,700,000 subscribers, as of July 12, 2019. He is referred to as "Zeph" by his fans. He was terminated for creating phishing and scamming games, according to a Roblox administrator. However, he is still active on his new account, named StarCodeZephPlayz.


He originally started playing Minecraft in mid-2015, later switching on to Roblox in mid-2016.


His account was terminated for the usage of assets which did not belong to him. Fans speculated that this was because he copied the popular game known as "Jailbreak", the only added change being administrator commands of which he would sometimes give out in videos.

In his next video, he states that he emailed Roblox Support and they stated that he was instead terminated for "scamming or phishing attempts". Fans speculated that Roblox Support meant that they thought Zeph was creating "free robux" scam games. He stated multiple times in the video that he had never done anything like that, leading fans to believe he was falsely reported by someone. After he was banned, he thought of quitting Roblox but began making more videos after deciding that the termination was for no reason. He soon created a new account named "StarCodeZephPlayz" (previously "OriginalZephPlayz").


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  • Zeph's first video regarding Roblox on his YouTube channel was named "‘I AM THE TRAP MASTER!!!’".
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