zlib is a user who has served as a former web intern for Roblox, as well as a current moderator for Trade Hangout and a well-known figure on the (now defunct) Let's Make a Deal subforum. Nowadays, most users recognize him due to the fact that he is almost always able to purchase the first copy of new limited unique items as they are released.

‘#1 serials’ controversy

Due to the aforementioned information, many users have assumed that he uses bots to purchase limited unique items, and zlib has received negative attention as a result. However, he has occasionally replied to topics on the forums (while they were still active) concerning the issue.[1]


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  • zlib is the name of a module library in the programming language known as Python, and it is used to compress data.
  • His favorite game appears to be Bee Swarm Simulator, where he is also listed on the game's all-time top leaderboard.
  • zlib had an old account named "Hypernym" which was terminated for acting as a middle-man in deals involving real money.[citation needed]


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