Community Games™ is a ROBLOX group specialising in games. It is currently owned by John_Doe2hack2 and has 16000+ members as of June 2019.

The group was criticised for making deceptive advertising (also known as Bait-And-Switch) games. They would usually post games that seems genuine and real but upon entering the game, it would be unrelated, poorly made and\or malicious in order to gain popularity, thus gaining Robux and, even sometimes, real money.


The group was founded on February 22, 2017. The group was created by RainbowPoop2341. Her group description read:

"community games is a group that makes games for fun! We love building fun games :D!!! "

In 2017, she made a controversial game called Reach The End for a SUPRISE which convinces you that you will receive ROBLOXROBLOX Administrator status when you reach the end, thus the supposed "surprise", however, this was not the case as you wouldn't receive admin at all.

Due to this, she has reportedly, though not officially, misled over 9 million people instantly. The group has also gained 15000+ members because of this as well as other Clickbait games made by the group. On September 5th, 2017, a supposed "friend" of RainbowPoop called John_Doe2hack2 has taken ownership of the group. The last known information of RainbowPoop taking part in the group is making a shout supposedly begging people to play her games. RainbowPoop has since been terminated for unknown reasons.

Nowadays, this group seems to now be abandoned, with zero games on their group games and lots of inactive users, however, John_Doe2hack2 has posted recently.

Other Info

The group has a T-Shirt that sells for 2,000 Robux on November 2017 and got Deleted on early 2019. They probably made it so they can make Virtual Money online

There are only five comments on the Group Wall. One of them is John_Doe2hack2 saying hello, and two others being John_Doe2hack2 saying sorry and asking how to give out Robux. The other two are of another person asking John to give RainbowPoop her group back in a polite way.

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