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Troubleshooting connection problems


Roblox client can't connect to the Roblox game server. This can be unfortunate, because playing places on Roblox is fun! There are several reasons why this may not work. It sometimes happens randomly, which makes many players mad.

What happens

Roblox fails to connect to the game server, showing the user an error message Error messages include “Could Not Connect”, “ID 14 Failure”, and similar User can “Visit Solo”, but cannot “Visit Online”

Why it happens

  • A red box signifies a likely problem
  • A yellow box signifies a somewhat likely problem
  • A blue box signifies an unlikely problem


This is almost always a firewall problem, though it can be (in very few cases) the result of a low-bandwidth connection or a flakey wireless connection. You can rule out the wireless connection by switching to a wired connection if possible. If it's not the connection, or if you can't try a wired connection, assume it's the firewall.

  • See Firewall and router issues for trouble-shooting tips.

Slow Internet Connection / Big Map

If you are playing on the internet on really slow service, and the map is big, it can take a good bit of time to actually download the map. Give it a little while. Roblox can be played on a modem, but your experience is likely to be poor.

Bad Map / Place

Quite simply. the map is bad. something happened when the map was made, there is some bad script, or something is preventing the map from working properly. Inform the maker of the problem, there is nothing you can do about it. It could even be infected from free models.

You have been removed from the game

If it only happens in one place, then you have most likely been banned from the place. This is done by removing a player when they join. This results in a 'Could not connect' error, and is helpful when you don't want a certain user to join your place. However, if the problem persists in several different places, then this is not the reason. (Unless you have been banned from these places too!)

It's a private server

If the place is a private server, it is most likely private. You will see a purple private server on the bottom right corner. This signifies that it is a private server. However, you should get a warning message that it is such, or you will not be able to play at all.

What to do

There are several things that could be creating the problem. Here is a set by step process that can be used to go through to check it.

1) Make Sure You’re Using the Supported Browser

The following internet browsers are supported by Roblox's game launcher.

  • Internet Explorer
  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge

If none of these work for you, you might experience the following

  • It keeps on downloading (or trying to download) Roblox.
  • It has an error message

If so, and you are using Chrome or Firefox, make sure you have not disabled the plug-in's or extensions's required for Roblox Launches. These must be enabled to play games on Roblox. If all else fails, you can launch Roblox Studio, and play games from it. If that doesn't work, see below steps.

2) Configure Your Firewall

See Firewall and router issues for trouble-shooting tips.

3) Contact Support

Once you have tried all of the above, contact support at, make sure to tell them:

  • You have followed these directions
  • If you have a firewall
  • How often you can connect/if you can connect using Roblox Studio

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