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ConnorVIII ™ is a group made by ConnorVIII, a Roblox dev famous for creating the game Freeze Tag and other successful games. There are 3 games in the group; Freeze Tag, Gear Wars, and Hoverboard Racing.


Gear Wars

Gear wars is a game where you can use your own gears and obtain random gears which you use to fight other players. The game has gotten over 6,000,000 visits since it's creation on 2/6/2016.

Freeze Tag

The most popular game linked to the group, Freeze Tag is self-descriptive. In the game, you play Freeze Tag. This is ConnorVIII's most popular game, receiving over 80,000,000 visits since its creation on February 16, 2016. It was chosen to be a part of the Roblox Summer Tournament (2018) event.

Hoverboard Racing

Hoverboard Racing is a game in which you race against other users with hoverboards. The game, which is the least popular of the groups 3 games, has received over 200,000 visits. The game is now broken due to the Filtering Enabled update.


The ranks range from regular users to Roblox admins.

  • Member - Default rank.
  • VIP Member - For well-known users.
  • Roblox Admin - Roblox Administrators.
  • Friend - For friends of ConnorVIII.
  • Freelance Developer
  • Temp Admin - Temporary admins for the group and it's games.
  • Admin - Admins for the group and it's games.
  • Lead Admin - Leading admins for the group and its games.
  • Lead Developer - Lead developers for the games.
  • Executive - For ConnorVIII.
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