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Content is a Roblox data-type. It is closely similar to a string. A content is usually a link to a file. It is used in properties that require a link to an image, such as the texture property of a ExplorerImageIndex 7Decal.

Valid Protocols

The format for a content string is "protocol://string", and the protocol is restricted to certain values. Anything not in this format or using an invalid protocol will result in a loading failure.

Protocol String Description Example
rbxasset A file path Fetches a file from Roblox's content files (stored on PC) rbxasset://textures/face.png
rbxassetid Existing ID Fetches an image ID from the Roblox website. Must be approved. rbxassetid://607948062
rbxgameasset Folder/category + asset name Fetches a file uploaded through the game explorer in studio. rbxgameasset://Images/Potion
rbxhttp A path on the website Fetches content from the Roblox website. Shorthand for ContentProvider.BaseUrl rbxhttp://Thumbs/Avatar.ashx?x=100&y=100&format=png
rbxthumb Ordered parameters and values Fetches a thumbnail and supports retrying in case of failure. Order of params is enforced. rbxthumb://type=Asset&id=24813339&w=150&h=150
http / https URL Fetches content from a website. Only works on Roblox-approved sites and will fail otherwise.

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