Content deleted builderman

An image of builderman holding a hammer with a confused expression is used by Roblox to denote page errors, commonly a result of content deletion.

A content deletion (stylized as [ Content Deleted ], formally [Content Deleted]) is a moderation action performed by moderators when an asset or place violates either the terms of service or the rules of conduct. Any user-generated content such as places, forum posts, avatar shop items, and blurbs, are subject to moderation or content deletion.

Usernames that get reset by moderators usually get replaced with "Reset <random numbers>", formerly "[ Content Deleted <UserID> ]".[N 1] Inappropriate group names are replaced with "[ Content Deleted <Group ID> ]". Models that require content deletion are replaced with a red truss. If a place is deleted, it is replaced by the default starter place (formerly flat terrain). Prior to chat filtering, chat messages which contained inappropriate content were replaced with "[ Content Deleted ]".

Fake content deletions

Players often imitate content deletions on their own content as a form of humor. Examples of this include replacing "deleted" with another verb, such as "[ Content Exploded ] " or " [ Content Removed ]". Users who intentionally posted "[ Content Deleted ]" on the now-defunct forums could have faced moderative actions on their account.

Reverting deleted accounts

Users are encouraged to appeal content deletion, terminated accounts, or a reset username if they believe that they were unfairly moderated. If a username appeal is successful, users are prompted to change their account's name, after which they can fully access their account.


  • Many users claim that various assets get deleted without any true violation of the terms of service.
  • False reporting can cause appropriate content to be flagged as inappropriate.


  1. A user who joined Roblox on April 26, 2020, after Roblox started using "Reset <random numbers>" for moderated usernames, got their username set to "[ Content Deleted 1589408257 ]".


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