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A content deletion is a moderation action performed by Roblox when an asset violates either the terms of service or the rules of conduct. [ Content Deleted ] was originally a bad place. [Content Deleted] was used from 2006 to 2009. [ Content Deleted ] is now used from 2009 to present it.

Inappropriate usernames will show up as Reset *any random numbers* (formerly [ Content Deleted *UserID* ]) and inappropriate group names will show up as [ Content Deleted *Group ID* ] under this feature. Any player-created content, such as places, forum posts, clothing items, and blurbs, is subject to moderation and having its content deleted.

If a model is deleted, the model is replaced with a red truss. If a place is deleted, it is replaced by the default starter place (formerly flat terrain).

Reverting deleted accounts

Users are encouraged to appeal a [ Content Deleted ]/terminated account if they believe that the punishment was false. If the appeal is successful, users are prompted to change their account's name, where they will be able to access their accounts, as if the ban never happened.

False content deletions

Players often attempt to imitate content deletions on their own content as a form of comedic expression. Examples of this include replacing deleted with another past-tense verb, such as [Content Exploded] or [Content Removed]. Intentionally posting [ Content Deleted ] in a forum post can lead to moderation action on that account and them actually becoming [ Content Deleted ].


Many users claim that various assets get deleted without any true violation of the terms of service. False reporting can cause appropriate content to be flagged as inappropriate. Other users cite that references to Roblox competitors (such as Minecraft) causes assets to be indicated as inappropriate. The official terms of service does not address references to other games as unsuitable material but prohibits publishing copyrighted material to Roblox. A majority of these claims go uncited, and if a moderation error occurs, users are encouraged to appeal it.


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  • An old way that ROBLOX content deleted a user was by replacing their name with yyc *a random four-digit number*. [citation needed]
  • Prior to the filtering system update, if someone swore on the chat, it would appear as [ Content Deleted ] instead of hashtags.


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