Copy protection is a feature which can be found in the configuration area for a user's Roblox place, in which the user can set their place to be copylocked or uncopylocked. Copylocking only allows players to play the place on a server with limited permissions - meaning they can't use Roblox studio to save and edit the game unless they use a paid exploit such as Synapse X to steal the game. However, uncopylocking it allows all users to open up the place and save it to their computer. Uncopylocking does not allow other users to edit the existing place, but they can edit the file and create a place under their account or group. Checking copylocked to false and clicking save will make a confirmation pop up asking if you want to uncopylock your place. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of uncopylocking and copylocking a game: Uncopylocking allows players to do more with the game and add their own imagination to the game. This feature also allows inexperienced developers to get inspired and find out how everything works so that they can improve their skills. However uncopylocked games tend to have a lot of versions of it, and most of them don't bear much difference to each other, broken or deceptive stuff may be added this affecting the gaming experience. Copylocked games ensure that the place is unique and everything is ultimately in the developer's control. These games have a better order. This also reduces the risk of player abusing. But copylocking will make other developers frustrated because they wonder how the game works but there is nowhere to find the solution ( unless the developer makes tutorials about the game). This limits imagination and seems to go against Roblox's vision 'powering imagination'. This forces players to use exploits to steal the game, which may be a potential threat to the user's computer ( especially the noobs).


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  • Most uncopylocked games are stolen versions of very popular games like jailbreak and meepcity.
  • Many users are infamous for republishing copylocked games and claiming them as original.


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