Copy protection is a feature which can be found in the configuration area for a user's ROBLOX places, in which a user can set a place to be Copylocked or Uncopylocked. Copylocking only allows players to play the place
Copylocked box

The Copylock option in a place's configuration menu.

on a server with limited permissions - meaning they cannot open ROBLOX Studio and save the place to their own computer without hacking the game. However, uncopylocking allows all users to open up the place and save it to their computer. Uncopylocking does not allow other players to edit the existing place.

Hovering Over the ? box would make this message pop up:

Copylocked box popup

Checking copylocked to false and clicking save will make a confirmation pop up asking if you want to uncopylock your place. This feature was added by Merely while he was a summer 2015 intern:

Copylock Confirmation


  • Many players often use uncopylocked games and republish them stating they are the original.
  • A user named jaredvaldez4 is infamous for copying popular games. According to him, he states they were taken due to them being uncopylocked!
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