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Flood Escape 2 is an obstacle course survival game created by Crazyblox as a sequel to Flood Escape. The objective of the game is to reach the end of multiple maps without dying in the flood to level up.


Flood Escape is an obstacle course game where you have to escape a rising flood. The green button opens the 'door' where you have to escape to.

When a player completes a map, there is an end zone, where water does not affect them, they will receive XP. These count towards leveling up. For each level a player passes, they earn five gems. Gems can lock the lift to insane, which ensures three rounds of insane in a row, even if the player who locks the lift leaves. Players can also earn coins for winning or participating in levels, and both gems and coins can by items in the shop.


Flood Escape 2 features three types of liquids: water, acid, and lava. Unlike in the first game, water doesn't kill you instantly; instead, it slowly drains your air. Acid has an increased air drain rate, killing players in approximately 2-3 seconds. Lava kills players instantly.


Flood Escape 2 consists of two types of buttons: standard and group buttons. All of the colored buttons (excluding red buttons) have a button icon that can be seen to locate a button. Standard buttons are green in color and they must be pressed by one player to activate the next button. Group buttons are blue in color. They perform the same function as standard buttons, but they must be pressed by 27.5% of players in a round to activate the next button. Buttons that need to be activated from another button are colored in yellow and buttons that are already pressed are colored in red with no button icon.


The maps in Flood Escape 2 are all in one of five difficulties. These are:

  • Easy
  • Medium
  • Hard
  • Insane
  • Crazy

There are different percentages needed of survived players to advance to the next difficulty.


There are currently 28 maps in Flood Escape 2. For each difficulty, there are:

  • 4 Easy Maps
  • 9 Normal Maps (10 if you count Northern Workshop)
  • 7 Hard Maps (8 if you count Autumn Hideaway)
  • 7 Insane Maps
  • 1 Crazy Map

Unlike many games, players can create maps and add them to a game called FE2 Map Test . If Crazyblox picks any of the maps, they may be added into the game.

Map Name Standard Buttons Group Buttons Difficulty Map Creator
Axiom 4 1 Easy udayk8139
Castle Tides 7 1 Easy Jolluminati
Lost Woods 3 1 Easy YasuYoshida
Poisonous Valley 5 1 Easy GustForce
Cave System 3 1 Normal Crazyblox
Decrepit Seas 5 1 Normal rareheaddress
Flood Island 3 1 Normal Crazyblox
Forgotten Tombs (Labyrinth Event) 2 (5, if you count secret buttons) 1 Normal Crazyblox
Infiltration 5 3 Normal Crazyblox
Mysterium 8 1 Normal Electroblast199
Northern Workshop (Only available for Christmas) 5 1 Normal disney12
Oriental Grove 7 1 Normal Awesom3_Eric
Sky Sanctuary 3 1 Normal rareheaddress
Autumn Hideaway (Removed) 7 N/A Hard Nennai
Crystal Cavern 7 1 Hard FloodEscaper1
Dark-Sci Forest 6 2 Hard Crazyblox
Graveyard Cliffside 6 2 Hard Crazyblox
Lava Tower 4 1 Hard Crazyblox
Sedimentary Temple 7 1 Hard Jindijim
Snowy Peaks 5 0 Hard (formerly normal) rareheaddress
Wild Savannah 5 0 Hard rareheaddress
Abandoned Facility 2 2 Insane Crazyblox
Beneath The Ruins 7 2 Insane Crazyblox
Dark-Sci Facility 6 1 Insane Crazyblox
Familiar Ruins 5 1 Insane Crazyblox
Gloomy Manor 6 4 Insane rareheaddress
Lost Desert 6 1 Insane rareheaddress
Sinking Ship 1 4 Insane Crazyblox
Blue Moon 8 1 Crazy disney12

Server Types

Regular Servers

Regular Servers are standard servers that players join once they start playing Flood Escape 2. Regular Servers have both regular and group buttons players must press to reach the endzone of a map. Regular Servers have a capacity of 12 players.

Chaos Servers

Chaos Servers (or Chaos Mode) are large servers that have a capacity of 40 players, more than 3 times the amount compared to Regular and Pro Servers. Unlike Regular and Pro Servers, there are no standard buttons on any map, which have been replaced with group buttons. There is no requirement to enter Chaos Servers.

Pro Servers

Pro Servers are more advanced compared to Regular and Chaos Servers. They are similar to Regular Servers, but it's reserved for players over level 30 to increase the likelihood of playing an insane map. Just like Regular Servers, they have a capacity of 12 players.

Players can lose access to Pro Servers once they rebirth. To regain access, players must reach level 30 again. Players must be in a Regular or Chaos Server to rebirth.


In the store (located in the menu), there are many items available to purchase. Players can buy trails, decorations for your character's back, emotes, and skins.


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  • Flood Escape 2 has been awarded as "Best Team Multiplayer Game" during the 5th Annual Bloxy Awards and as "Xbox Game of the Year" during the 6th Annual Bloxy Awards.
    • Including the two awards, Flood Escape 2 has been nominated 6 times, 4 times during the 5th Annual Bloxy Awards, and 2 times during the 6th Annual Bloxy Awards respectively.
  • Flood Escape 2 was featured in the Labyrinth event.
    • Forgotten Tombs (event map) is the only map that had secret buttons, which were available during the event. They can still be seen by shift-locking through the wall.
  • Autumn Hideaway was removed because of an incident that happened back in February 2018 involving Nennai (the creator of Autumn Hideaway). This has led Crazyblox to cut all ties with Nennai,[1] and remove Autumn Hideaway from the game.
  • Players can rebirth up to 10 times, which a few players have done so.


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