One of Roblox's most commonly criticized points is its immature community. Players frequently utilize the Report Abuse system for things that are not in violation of Roblox's Terms of Service, such as another player winning a game or someone refusing to accept a trade offer with them. Some even criticize the community for making the catalog items overpriced. The Roblox community has been known to produce large amounts of complaints about the platform without providing evidence backing up their complaints, such as recent updates, The Roblox Corporation's business practices, and Anthro.


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The three former appearances of guest players (here: DefaultGuest, BillyBloxxer, and BettyBloxxer).

Guests were pre-configured Robloxians who had a multitude of restrictions and differences from normal users:

  • Instead of using a blacklist filter chat, they spoke using Safe Chat, a whitelist chat system that restricted users to using pre-selected chat phrases.
  • In older versions, guests had a yellow head and arms, green legs, and a blue torso, which is the skin of a classic Roblox Noob before DefaultGuest, BillyBloxxer, and BettyBloxxer were established. Guests were dressed according to ROBLOX's official account. When gear was released, guests had all of the gear that the ROBLOX character had. For a short period of time, because of ROBLOX having TBC, guests were allowed to access Builders Club-only games.
  • A guest's name will be "Guest", followed by a random number between 0 and 9999.
  • Users who play as guests were only allowed 20 trial plays from mid-2017 until removal of the guest feature. After the 20 plays, the player was required to make an account or log in.

Some players complained about guests because they tended to be clueless on how to play. Guests cannot be reported, which allows users to do anything, regardless of the rules, without fear of repercussions. Due to this, some users troll or exploit as a guest and get away with it.

On October 3, 2017, Roblox removed guest mode. Nightgaladeld, the Roblox admin who founded The United States of America, confirmed that they removed guests to "increase in registered users will drive more visits, increased revenue and player engagement in your Roblox games" and "encourage first-time players to use our social and interactive features with other users". Many players were happy but others thought that Roblox was greedy, which sparked a protest in the forums to re-add guests.

Online Daters

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One of Roblox's most common and well-known problems is Online Dating. Online Dating is an often-brought up issue on Roblox and is disliked by many players. Whoever seeks a romantic relationship on Roblox, whether actual or roleplay, is online dating. This includes people putting "single" and "hot" in roleplay names and people saying things like "123 for a boyfriend" or "Want to date?" City games, school games, and roleplaying games are common online dating hot-spots.

Online dating is commonly seen as a predatory act and can result in outside interventions, aside from not fitting in with the kid-friendly nature.

Scammers and Scambots

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An example of a scambot

Scams have been an ongoing issue throughout Roblox's history and included notable scams like fake VIP-shirt scams, "Get Drawn" scams, GUIs that trick a player into spending Robux on the game, and numerous phishing scams that steal a player's account. A common issue today involves scammers setting up bots in an attempt to lure impressionable players to their websites in order to hand over their account information, or complete menial tasks to 'earn' Robux through group payouts which also ends up in the scammer receiving ad revenue from the user's information being shared.

'Scambots', as they are referred to, can be seen throughout comment sections of clothing, audio files, models, and groups. They have also begun to evolve in the sense that certain "games" are published to Roblox which are propped up in player count by botnets and serve solely as an advertisement splashscreen for the scam site. Roblox has been criticized for not being able to find a concrete solution to this issue, as it has been ongoing for many years.

Demographic Change

Around 2010, Roblox's demographic experienced a shift from a target age of around 10– 16-year-olds to 6– 8-year-olds. New and simpler building tools, brighter and more colorful graphics, and sponsorships by products advertised to this age range exemplified this shift. As the game was targeted to younger players, many Robloxians felt the rules were also becoming stricter, and stuff that would have been allowed earlier in Roblox's history would be prohibited today. Many of Roblox's older users quit Roblox because of this shift.

Between 2018 and 2019, Roblox would once again shift their focus to a broader target age range of 12 - 20+ to further enforce the professional image Roblox began pushing in 2017.


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A noob or newbie is a new and inexperienced Roblox user. Some people believe that they can cause trouble when they play the game because of their overall lack of experience with the subtle nuances of the Roblox community. A new player might not understand, for instance, that spawnkilling is heavily frowned upon. On Roblox, most users use the word "noob" as an insult used when people are upset or to mock others.

PardonMyFrench's Eric Frenchman on Roblox

Blogger Eric Frenchman (owner of TypePad blog PardonMyFrench) had criticized ROBLOX's site and game with this blog post. ("Is Roblox safe for my kids? Not sure so I blocked it.") He complained about the fact that his security program was flashing "like a Christmas tree" and saying that Roblox is not parental-safe, and also dubbed World of Warcraft as being safer than Roblox. He got many replies, mainly from Roblox defenders attempting to get his children back on Roblox, parents saying their experiences with Roblox. Builderman replied to Eric Frenchman, to which Eric made a new post about. ("Revisiting Roblox")

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