Christina8787 is a user known for her "Club Christy" game and for her rude advertisements of it. These advertisements attacked IronInforcer's Iron Cafe, using false claims, insults, and lampooning IronInforcer himself. This led to Youtuber XiaoXiaoMan reviewing the game Club Christy through his Raging ROBLOX Reviewer series. After receiving comments shortly after XiaoXiaoMan's video went public, Christiana8787 created a video response. XiaoXiaoMan later made a counter video response titled Re: Raging Christy.

Soon after XiaoXiaoMan's video was uploaded, Christina removed hers. Shortly after this incident, a person called LegoIsReal uploaded a screenshot of Christiana8787's XFire chat with him. In response to her XFire comments, XiaoXiaoMan created another video. Though Christiana8787's tensions with XiaoXiaoMan eventually faded, tension continues to exist between her and other ROBLOXians. At one point, she was accused of 'plagiarizing' Patacorow's video.


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SONICTHEHEDGEHOGXX is a user who, while mostly known for Live In A Five Star Island Resort® and founder of F.E.A.R., was the source of much controversy during early Roblox history. In 2010, he created Live in A Five Star Resort, a game very similar to user Wierdoking's Original Five Star Resort, which at the time was a popular "hang-out" game. Many Robloxians claimed SONICTHEHEDGEHOGXX copied Wierdoking, and used excessive amounts of free models to make his game different. This created a large amount of tension between the two users, and arguments between them began for a short time but ended quickly.

Soon after Live in A Five Star Island Resort was released, military clan F.E.A.R. (First Encounter Assault Recon) was created, which quickly amassed a large number of members. Not long after, F.E.A.R. was excessively advertised in SONICTHEHEDGEHOGXX's games, leading some to believe that SONICTHEHEDGEHOGXX used his popularity to quickly garner a large clan.

User XiaoXiaoMan eventually reviewed Live in A Five Star Island Resort, like he did with Club Christy, explaining that there was excessive lag, online dating, and an overabundance of free models, amongst other things, which led to him giving the game an overall negative review. He also claims that certain friends of his have found their accounts "hacked", and their accounts were soon in F.E.A.R. XiaoXiaoMan also says that many of the players in F.E.A.R were alternate accounts.

Around May-2011, a rumor began circulating about SONICTHEHEDGEHOGXX having begged Roblox staff for free Lifetime Outrageous Builders Club. Although no solid evidence has been found, many still believe that SONICTHEHEDGEHOGXX did indeed obtain free OBC by begging the ROBLOX Staff. Since then, most of the controversies about SONICTHEHEDGEHOGXX have since disappeared and he hasn't been involved in any for a long time. He has been praised by the community for his more recent games such as Welcome to Venezia and Sunset City His short, Out of Bloxy Cola, won a Bloxy award in 2013.

Jaredvaldez2, Jaredvaldez4, and Jared2valdez4

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Jaredvaldez4 is a user mostly known for copying games. He used the Bait-and-Switch scam to earn place visits and has stolen countless front-page games. Some of the most notorious copies of his are:

When Jaredvaldez4 was deleted, he said that "he realized his mistakes of plagiarism". He immediately contradicted this statement with the further creation of multiple alternate accounts and copying places again. His act of hypocrisy further increased the hatred toward him. In early 2012, when Jaredvaldez2 created StudioJARE on YouTube, BlabVoid and several members warned Jared that they would take action against him for copying them. Eventually, StudioJARE and his RoWar series, a blatant copy of the original, was also removed due to a copyright claim by StudioARE. Jaredvaldez has since quit Roblox and posts videos unrelated to it. However, he briefly checked out Roblox in 2017 on an alternate account and made a video about it and another one of a retrospective look at his time on Roblox.


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JuliusColesV2 is noted for publishing 1dev2's unlocked game Welcome to the Town of Robloxia and adding free models to it. He is also known for copying free models and uploading them as his own, mostly as "proof" that he doesn't use free models. After being permanently banned, JuliusColes made numerous hate videos about Roblox. Some videos mocked Roblox co-founder erik.cassel for his cancer diagnosis and eventual death. JuliusColes has attempted to make new Roblox accounts, but they are often shortly banned.


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Lalakiela is known for being the creator and current owner of the group Boho Salon. During the groups rise to fame, people were heavily skeptical of its true popularity and suspected that many of the members were alternate accounts. YouTuber SkeletalReality was the first to find evidence of bots, accounts that were made to just join the group and later be abandoned. Lalakiela denied these allegations many times. A handful of other users were able to prove the group used bots to get so popular, which proved Lalakiela to be lying about their group not having bots.

Shortly after her group was proven to have bots, group members discovered that Robux scams were also being conducted. Events such as Christmas Festivals, which were thought of and handled by Lalakiela, required "tickets" to enter which were in the form of T-shirts that you had to buy. Many of these events did not happen, which meant that these tickets were a scam. Lalakiela denied the scam and lied saying that the events did happen.


Im_Sandra is known for causing drama within the ROBLOX Community. In greenlegocats123's video exposing Sandra, he denounced and called her out as a liar.

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