Some people believe that YouTubers, such as DanTDM and DenisDaily, have "completely destroyed Roblox's community". They have been blamed for low-quality games appearing on the front page and for the current state of the community as a whole. A few Roblox YouTubers are known for spreading fake rumors to scare users, such as the March 18th John Doe and Jane Doe rumors.


RobuxianYouTube is a user known for his clickbait tutorials on free Robux hacks. He, like KazokYT, has a tendency to lie and spreads multiple prophecies to users. He has also claimed that Builderman is evil, as a way of instilling false fears among his viewers. Sometime in late 2017, he was terminated. However, on February 18, 2018, he returned with a new account called robloxlover69, which he used in order to post inappropriate videos. In later videos of his, he makes animations in Roblox Studio and has seemingly stopped this type of clickbait behavior.


Dragod is a Roblox Youtuber known for his click-baiting and fake Robux giveaways. He was one of the people responsible for spreading the June 28/30th 2017 hacking rumor. His channel is also filled with clickbait titles like 'If you don't buy this item, your account will be deleted', with the video simply being gameplay of Jailbreak. It is rumored that he quit YouTube after uploading his last video on August 22, 2017. However, these rumors are false, as he has recently started his channel back up. Sometime after, he started making Fortnite videos and later deleting them. In some date in 2018, He came back and started making Fortnite and challenge videos instead of Roblox videos He was one of the first people to start free Robux clickbait videos and popularized it. He was also one of the first to start creating mass amounts of Roblox clickbait videos. He is often seen as the cause of all Roblox clickbait videos, believed to have inspired other click baiters like Kazok, NicsterV, ZephPlayz, and others to do clickbait content after seeing the views Dragod received on his clickbait videos.


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Quackityishot is the Roblox account of controversial YouTuber QuackityHQ. He was criticized for his 'ROBLOX SUCKS!!!' series, as well as raiding the Roblox forums and spamming the post 'UNBAN QUACKITY' on May 1st, 2017, causing his account to be IP banned and causing Roblox to instate a 2-year account age limit to post on the forums.

On June 4th, 2017, Quackity and his fans again raided the forums, which instated another limit that was 120,000 hours long (approximately 13 years), causing all players, including all admins and even the official Roblox account to not be able to post on the forums. Quackity has also been blamed for being a cause of the forum's removal.


KazokYT has been known for spreading a rumor in which a terminated account named Greg would hack accounts. He has also been accused of exploiting certain games and has a tendency to lie on YouTube on how to get free Robux. It is rumored that he is Apex Spice, a controversial YouTuber whose channel was terminated sometime in early 2017. A channel by the name of epikrika exposed kazok for making the scam bots which turned out to be true.


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greenlegocats123 is a Roblox YouTuber known for uploading Roblox related rant videos as well as trolling in games, typically those of the roleplaying nature. He is often criticized due to playing a large part in the harassment of players who are stereotyped as online daters, despite speaking out against and claiming to never do it himself. Other criticisms that players have towards him include making multiple videos on the same topic and complaining about Roblox topics.

While he is not the only trolling YouTuber or the most famous one, he made trolling videos more frequently than anyone else, and people see him as one of¬†"the root of most trolls". The phrase ‚ÄúHAIL COWCOW‚ÄĚ is derived from his old account (now terminated), CowCowManManThingIt.

He has also often been criticized for complaining about Roblox updates.


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Denis was mainly criticized for his "Growbux" site, which claimed to give free Robux for completing tasks. Players also accuse him of click-baiting. However, Denis deleted "Growbux" due to many complaints, one of them being that the offers had viruses. He is also often criticized for copying other people's content and ideas and for creating clickbait videos.

Roblox Minigunner

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Roblox Minigunner, like greenlegocats123, is known for creating Roblox related rant content and trolling but also for Roblox movies. He is often criticized for being one of the people who popularized trolling on Roblox, when he was close friends with greenlegocats123 they would both create trolling content often. His rants are sometimes seen as hypocritical, as he once said he was against trolling but then made a trolling video a week later. Roblox Minigunner is also known to create misleading content, such as a video called "How Many ODers does MeepCity Have?" where he manipulated his evidence by asking people to online date but him while he was in a skunk avatar which would cause online daters to say no. It is believed he made this misleading video to discredit greenlegocats123, who he unfriended and began to harass. He has also been accused of harassing others in the Roblox community. He has recently started a belief that anyone who doesn't swear in their Roblox YouTube videos is "faking their personality" in this video . He has received a lot of criticism for this, as his points are widely agreed upon to be bad. ,

Julius Cole

Julius Cole is most known for his Roblox hate videos. In the videos, he wishes for the death of Roblox staff members and users and celebrates the deaths of deceased Roblox staff members. He did this because his Roblox accounts were terminated for stealing other people's games and reuploading them as his own, gaining thousands of visits from them. Although he has stopped creating them on a regular basis, he still uploads them but rarely. Instead, he now created hate videos against other Roblox YouTubers such as InquisitorMaster, greenlegocats123, and Flamingo. He was also known to have defended Lisa Gaming Roblox, an infamous Roblox YouTuber and troll who would create false expose videos on popular Roblox YouTubers in order to trigger their fanbases. He now mostly uploads videos where he pretends to cry by pouring water on his face. It is unknown whether Julius Cole is now a troll or someone with real intent behind his videos. 

Lisa Gaming Roblox

Lisa Gaming Roblox was a very controversial Roblox YouTuber who would upload "expose" videos. She would say lies about many big Roblox YouTubers including TheLaughingUnicorn, Glofish, legobloxian, and greenlegocats123 to try and trigger their fans and get reactions. The videos were intentionally bad, with overly loud music and poor grammar. Many fans of the targeted YouTubers fell for the videos and began attacking Lisa Gaming Roblox, giving the YouTubers who the videos were targeted at look bad despite never attacking her themselves. Lisa Gaming Roblox would also do things such as online date or have fashion parties in her videos to further the triggering of fanbases. While some continue to believe that she is an innocent young child who is just making videos and does not know any better, it has been confirmed that she is a troll who created videos for reactions after someone friended her and asked her in party chat where she gave a well-worded answer with perfect grammar describing how she made the videos to "make ppl angry" and how she thinks it's "fun getting hate". She continues to receive praise and defense from those who have not seen or do not believe her saying she is a troll, including praise and defense from Julius Cole.

Her channel has since been terminated by YouTube for violating community guidelines strikes, most likely for spreading lies about other YouTubers. She has created a new channel called Hanako Playz . Her main account was later unbanned and she still continues to make rant videos to this day.


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Xonnek is a Spanish YouTuber with over 1,300,000 subscribers who uploads Roblox gameplays. He has been criticized mainly for stealing content from others who speak other languages. A video created by legobloxian went over the times he had copied English speaking YouTubers, including Flamingo. As a response, Xonnek created a video asking his fans to mass dislike and witch hunt legobloxians video along with other videos criticizing him. Many other YouTubers made videos criticizing Xonnek for witch-hunting. It was later revealed that Xonnek had exploited to add inappropriate imagery into a game in some of his videos . Roblox was made aware of this and terminated his account. Xonnek is also accused of being racist. He has often used racial slurs against Americans, white people, and English speakers. Xonnek has also been accused of being a bully since he replied to a YouTube comment criticizing him by saying "You have only 62 subs. Say it without crying". Xonnek has stopped exploiting in his videos, but many believe that he has not changed and that he still copies videos from others.

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