A CylinderMesh is a simple mesh for a cylinder. Much like it's identical object, BlockMesh, it can only be used for cylinders. The object will still act as it would before the CylinderMesh was inserted. i.e. If the object was a block shape it would still act as a block but appear as a cylinder.


Vector3 Offset The distance of which an object moves off of a point.


Much like the Size property, only it edits the dimension of the mesh and the texture.
Vector3 VertexColor Changes the hue of a texture.

bool Archivable Determines if an object can be Cloned or saved to file.
string ClassName The unique name of this type of Instance.
string Name A non-unique identifier for the object.
Instance Parent The hierarchical parent of the object.


void ClearAllChildren ( ) Removes all descendants of the object.
Variant<Instance, nil> Clone ( ) Returns a copy of the object, including descendants.
void Destroy ( ) Sets the Parent property to nil, locks the Parent property, disconnects all connections and calls Destroy() on all children.
Variant<Instance, nil> FindFirstChild ( string name, bool recursive = false ) Returns the first child found with the given name, or nil if no such child exists. If the optional recursive argument is true, recursively descends the hierarchy while searching rather than only searching the immediate object.
Variant<Instance, nil> FindFirstChildOfClass ( string className ) Returns the first Instance whose ClassName is equal to className, or nil, if no such object is found with that ClassName.
array<Instance> GetChildren ( ) Returns an array of the object's children.
string GetFullName ( )

Returns a string which shows the object's ancestry chain.

bool IsA ( string className ) Returns true if the object is an instance of the given class, or if the object's class inherits from the given class.
bool IsAncestorOf ( Instance descendant ) Returns true if the object is an ancestor of the given descendant.
bool IsDescendantOf ( Instance ancestor ) Returns true if the object is a descendant of the given ancestor.
Variant<Instance, nil> ( string childName, double timeOut ) Yields the current thread until a child with the given name is found, then returns the child.

If the timeOut parameter is specified, this function will drop out and return nil if the timeOut is exceeded.

​Events ( Instance )

AncestryChanged ( Instance child, Instance parent ) Fires when the Parent property of the object or one of its ancestors is changed.
Changed ( string property ) Fires when a property of the object changes.
ChildAdded ( Instance child ) Fires when a child is added to the object.
ChildRemoved ( Instance child ) Fires when a child is removed from the object.
DescendantAdded ( Instance descendant ) Fires when a descendant is added to the object.
DescendantRemoving ( Instance descendant ) Fires before a descendant of the object is removed.
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