DIY-Dominus, the most commonly used mesh.

The DIY are a series of hats that are styled to be poorly-drawn versions of Halloween hats or popular hats onto paper bags, as if the user made it themselves (indicating the "DIY" or "Do It Yourself" name). The series started with the Mildly Disturbing Mask in 2010, and now mainly covers popular hats. The Mildly Disturbing Mask and Massively Comforting Mask are DIY items, even though they don't have "DIY" in their titles. As of September 4, 2018, there are 22 DIY items.


Commonly features a brown paper bag of a poorly drawn version of an item or animal.


Series history


First variation

Mildly Disturbing Mask

Latest variation

DIY Valk


August 27, 2010

September 3, 2018

List of DIY hats

DIY Gear

Other DIY Items

DIY Packages

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