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On Roblox, DataStores are the primary service for saving and loading player data. It was made as a replacement for the old data persistence system. DataStores were released in February of 2014 when a post was made by Matt Dusek explaining the feature. The post is now archived.

Data Stores can be accessed through the AssetServiceDataStoreService service. DataStore editing methods are stored in a AssetServiceGlobalDataStore object, which can be retrieved through the GetDataStore method of the DataStoreService.

Data Stores also offer a functionality known as ordered data stores, which allows for ordered data. These can be accessed through the GetOrderedDataStore method which returns a ExplorerImageIndex 69OrderedDataStore. These can be used for leaderboards, and other features which involve ordered data.

DataStore Failure

DataStores are known to fail a lot, especially during high times of traffic, weekends, and holidays. Other times, issues can appear randomly.[1] On January 10, 2019, berezaa made a post on the Developer Forum[2], complaining about the datastore failures. The post became a trend, like berezaa's other trending posts[3][4], with 58 likes and 10 replies in the first five hours of it being posted.


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