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Not to be confused with the Decal light iconDecal dark iconDecal class, which shares the same name but has a different function.

Decals are an asset type and a category on the Creator Marketplace. Each decal represents a Decal light iconDecal dark iconDecal with a linked image. Decals are the most common way to upload images to be used in other graphical elements like Sky light iconSky dark iconSky or an ImageLabel light iconImageLabel dark iconImageLabel besides a Decal. Decals are in the model format.

Creating a decal[]

Users can create a decal by going to the Creator Dashboard, Creations, Development Items, and then Decals. Users must choose one image file and may either drag and drop an image file or click on "Upload Asset" and pick an image file. Roblox supports 4 formats: JPEG, PNG, TGA and BMP. If done, this creates both an image asset of the image file uploaded which will then be moderated before it can be publicly displayed and a decal asset that links to the image asset.


In Roblox Studio, decals can be found in the toolbox. A decal can be clicked to add it into a place. If an instance is selected, the decal will be parented to it.



The original decal uploading page from 2008.

Previously, in order to create a decal of one own image, users had to create a T-shirt to upload the image that would then be used in the decal.

On May 14, 2008, Matt Dusek announced support for user-created decals. Decals could be created easily now with the Decal Builder and they had their own category in the Catalog.[1] Since then, decals have been moved to the Creator Marketplace.


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