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In business, a Department is a particular field that manages one aspect of a business. Roblox is made up of multiple departments. Please note that most of these departments are internal and should not be interacted with by normal users. It should also be noted that not all members of a specific department have a Roblox account.

List of known departments

Please note this list is not finished.

Accounting department

The Accounting department is responsible for managing income of the company, including setting budgets. They have a single email, This email should not be used for general purposes.

Customer Support department

The Customer Support department is responsible for support for all users. This department is composed of members who are hired to respond to support emails. They have one email,, and the only department with a support form.

Developer Relations department

The Developer Relations department is responsible for "bridging the gap between Roblox developers and the Roblox company." This department is composed of members who are hired to announce and communicate to developers on behalf of the rest of the company. They have a single email:

Known members:

Engineering department

The Engineering department is responsible for the Roblox engine, including physics and game handling.

Known members:

  • Adam Miller (rbadam)
  • Dan Williams
  • Julian Walshaw-Vaughan

Executive department

The Executive department is responsible for managing other departments and directing the company. Each member also has their own job.


  • David Baszucki
  • Craig Donato
  • Mike Guthrie
  • Chris Misner
  • Adam Miller
  • Julian Walshaw-Vaughan
  • Dan Williams
  • Matt Kaufman
  • Enrico D’Angelo
  • Scott Rubin
  • Tami Bhaumik
  • Remy Malan
  • Hans Gunawan
  • Ari Staiman
  • Christina Wootton
  • Teresa Brewer

Human Resources department

The Human Resources department is responsible for payroll, benefits, hiring, firing, and keeping up to date with state and federal tax laws.

Marketing department

The Marketing department is responsible for supporting the company on a global scale to inspire brand advocacy, awareness, and engagement through social channels, digital experiences, and community-driven events.

Known members:

  • Tami Bhaumik

Infrastructure department

The Infrastructure department is responsible for the backend of Roblox. They make sure that servers are always available.

VP: Dan Williams

Product department

The Product department is responsible for the company’s overall product strategy to help bring people together through play and build world-class digital experiences for the growing international community.

Known members:

  • Matt Kaufman
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