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This Week On Roblox (or Developer Events) was a page which promoted Live-Ops. This event was specialized to promote certain Roblox games for example: Arsenal. Roblox Community Developer Events started May 16, 2019, with its first batch of five games. According to a post on the Roblox DevForum for the first few months of this event games were to be featured for a week, being updated every Thursday. This happened through the events lifespan. On November 21, 2019, Roblox put the event on hold while they evaluate better ways to promote games.[1] As of September 16, 2021, it is not known if Live-Ops has been discontinued or still on hold, as no mention of it has come out since 2019 by Roblox themselves.

"To start off the first few months of this new program, developer games will be featured for a week. We will be updating the page weekly on Thursdays. As the program continues to grow we may adjust the length of the game promotion."

Games Featured


Any developer(s) can fill out an application to have their game featured in the Developer Events tab.

Important things developer(s) need to remember before submitting their game into Developer Events:

  • submit a game at least two weeks in advance
  • select which Thursday they want their game to be promoted on
  • confirming that the Thursday that is selected falls in the timeframe in which the applications are open for

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