Game Description
May 16 - May 23
Notoriety For a limited time, completing 3 unique heists in a row will earn you a badge, a nice cash bonus, and an Outlaw Safe. The Outlaw Safe includes useful goodies, such as rare masks or expensive contracts! The value of your bonus is dependent on the level of difficulty you complete. Test your luck in order to rake in huge rewards! Don't fail or you'll have to start from the beginning!
Koala Cafe Offering a special May event catered to summer fun, which includes 10 different ice cream flavors.
Ore Tycoon 2 Once every year, bags of different designs appear throughout Tycoon Island! Complete various fun quests and watch for drops from the sky — a special prize awaits for those dedicated enough to collect all 24 new bags!
Floppy Fighters Spiderweb mode! Fire webs out your hands and stick to other players! Use your web to throw players off the map and win the round! Be careful to not get stuck on your friends!
Speed Simulator X We would like to celebrate 30k likes and over 2 million visits to our game by hosting a pinata party! Coins & Prizes are inside!
May 23 - May 30
Volcanic Battle It's an extreme battle! With a bunch of new items, and a legendary one known as the Ultra Slasher, you're bound to have fun in this team battle madness!
Soro's Italian Restaurant At Soro's Italian Restaurant, you can work up the ranks of the restaurant from a Trainee to a Master Chef, simply dine as a valued customer, or explore! You are in control of your fun! Eat, work, and play!
Pha klai On this quest, you will need to talk to a student at the school in Phaklai Village. You must find 5 pencils and 3 books hidden in the map. You will also be required to give away a dish of food to a student.
Vesteria The highly-anticipated fantasy world of Vesteria enters its Beta release on May 25th, slashing the access price to just R$80! The release expands on the Alpha with new story-driven questlines, exciting new mobs and a terrifying new Yeti boss.
Boost Vector Play the Boost Vector summer themed map, including new visuals, and overall summer-esque decor littered throughout the game. Alongside this, is a never seen before special single-player race track for players to get special themed items.
May 30 - June 6
Pinewood Space Shuttle Advantage Launch and ride the Space Shuttle Advantage into space! Complete your satellite deployment mission into orbit and return to the runway on Earth with your team. You must reach the International Space Station, the Moon, Mars and then rocket into the alien unknown! The more flights and experience you gain, the more items you can obtain!
INFINITY RPG Venture through the new glacier mountain map and ascend to daring heights with the all-new ascension system.
Agents The event is called "Gold Week". During Gold week, all coins are doubled in value. For a limited time, a premium gold suit can be obtained by finding a rare gold briefcase or purchasing it with coins. Gold week promotes player fun and enjoyment by garnishing tons of coins and allowing players to unlock a limited edition premium gold suit.
June 6 - June 13
Pinewood Computer Core Explore a secret underground facility that's about to explode! Your mission is to keep a supercomputer from overheating. Explore every corner of the facility, survive disasters, press every button, discover secrets, and you may just make it out alive! The more events you encounter and survive, the more points you will gain to access cool items and weapons!
Sinking Ship A brand new ship will be added. Players can explore and find hidden rewards while the ship is sinking. The event will also introduce a new major feature, Quests and Challenges. Players have to complete tasks in-game in order to gain a reward. Certain quests will only be available during this week and will reward players with badges and points once completed.
Arsenal Hop into Arsenal to experience tons of new content! New maps, new skins, new melee weapons, and new emotes! All summer themed! Collect tickets this week to unlock free summer-themed awards!
Shark Attack! Celebrating Shark Attack's inclusion in "Roblox's Top Adventure Games" Book, three quests are waiting for you to win mega cash, an awesome sword, and a laser gun! A badge is included per quest. Come join the fun!
Gymnastics Gymnasium Join the gymnasium as we welcome the new arrival of two new events: the pommel horse and the parallel bars! Practice and show off your new skills on these two brand new gymnastic events and reach to the top.
June 13 - June 20
Iceberg Hotels Iceberg Hotels will be providing numerous sales up to 50% off on gamepasses and will be doing mass-shifts (promotions) where you can work at the Reception or be a Security Officer.
Star Sorority Mermaids galore; this update features all new accessories & a new beach hangout island where you can have some fun in the sun! It includes new mermaid & summer themed accessories to make sure you are fitted for the warm weather! Accessorize & Dress Up, and then Roleplay & Relax! It's in the Sun!
Spell Battle Find the wizard and complete his quest to earn a surprise reward!
Coastal City Explore Coastal City and its beauty. You can become a police officer, a firefighter or a civilian.
Cookie Simulator To celebrate Cookie Simulators' success this year, we will be adding a racing event! Win a race to unlock a special pet and get some coins!
June 20 - June 27
Heartlight Heartlight is a skill-based action-building game that just hit open beta! We are excited to enter the next chapter of Heartlight with more features, more playstyles, and more fun! Join our growing community for even more updates and events all Summer.
Island Hotel & Resort Island Hotel and Resort is a simulation of what staying at a tropical resort is like! You can work, drive around, swim, and explore the large map! You can also work at the hotel and make more money to do partake in additional activities! We have plenty of gear, pets, and more!
God Simulator We have a huge map expansion with the city of Atlantis, we present to you, Poseidon. Server wide events where players work together to reach a goal of destroying objects.
Blox World Come down to Blox World to socialize with friends or go on some awesome and thrilling rides. You can also compete with friends to see who can get to the top of the leaderboard first when completing jobs around the park!
Time Travel Adventures Woooooosh! Grab a jacket because Time Travel Adventures new map is set 17,000 years ago in the cold icy plains of North America. Be careful, not everything is as it seems with this adventure. Brrrrrrrrrrrrr
June 27 - July 4
Roblox Titanic Celebrate 1 year of the Roblox Titanic 2.0! There will be 11 early 1900s era inspired gear items. Play today and input code "RtanicV2Year1" for 10,000 Points to get some of the gear!
Murder 15 Shoot the murderer dead to earn rockets, which you can use to claim game exclusive prizes!
Rapid Runs Soar through the sky and sprint through the plains in Rapid Runs. Reach checkpoints and secure your progress on the way to victory. Race through new diverse environments and unlock new zones, as well as new pets. You can achieve 3 out of 3 stars with quick times but be careful not to misstep, falling is always dangerous.
Agents You can explore new Summer themed maps and dress up in limited edition Summer suits. Perhaps you'll find yourself on the Summer Beach map or maybe even at the Sunny Sunflower gardens. Who knows, but either way you must stop the spy under the hot Summer sun.
Stateview Prison Roleplay [Removed and Deleted] Come apply and be a Corrections Officer within the new Prison update! Enjoy your time at Stateview Roleplay Prison by playing different roles.
July 4 - July 11
Robloxian Highschool [Removed] Our event will feature our brand new housing system- which supports building houses from the ground up. Since it is also the week of the 4th of July, we will have a special icon and event for fireworks for all to see. Players who join during this time will also receive a badge for participating.
Boys and Girls Dance Club [Removed] Welcome to Boys and Girls Dance Club, where you can roleplay and visit new buildings and find a job! We will have fireworks going off on servers on the 4th of July!
Movie Park Enjoy the new Movie Park, with a new look and new attractions! Share with friends, ride amazing attractions, watch beautiful shows and have fun!
Ultimate Speed Simulator Our Aliens update with the added fun of running from aliens who must be eliminated with Ray guns. I will also be adding a tribe function, at the end of the month, the tribe with the most speed will receive VIP Commands in game for the next month, as well as 5 thousand points.
Firework Simulator What better way to celebrate Independence Day or Canada Day than by lighting fireworks?! Earn unique, limited time fireworks, explosions, and pets by collecting a special currency this week only! Collect the currency by lighting fireworks, defeating bosses, and more!
Military Simulator Come visit our new city map. There will be new interative jobs and ways to earn badges, such as search & destroy or you can collect new materials.
July 11 - July 18
Ripull Minigames Ripull Minigames Midsummer Mania Includes, new summer themed minigames, maps, crates filled items, and a limited time effects in game. The lobby has been update with a Beach Theme as well.
TPS-Street-Soccer Do you want a realistic soccer game, and also easy to play? Come visit our new maps and see the new ball selection update. Power-ups for more fun! Weather effects and more updates soon. It's on your PC, mobile device and console too! Join for an action based soccer game!
Find the Noobs 2 Brand new maps have just arrived in Find the Noobs 2. Each map features dozens of noobs to collect, a cool atmosphere, a unique rebirth reward item and more! Stop by on 7/16 to explore all the fun and games!
Vehicle Tycoon Invite your friends to race and compete against one another! Earn rewards while playing in our all new go karts with updated rims and cool new badges!
July 18 - July 25
Ghost Simulator The Dino Event is here! Journey to the Center of the Earth in Ghost Simulator's latest event, featuring a new limited-time pet box, hoverboard box, and questline. Vacuum and defeat the ancient world's phantom menaces, including the evil prehistoric Dinosaur King! Collect and spend Dino Eggs for a chance at exclusive prizes in the event shop!
Agents As an Agent, you need to do everything possible to stop the spy. You will have to battle the spy in factories, offices, and even the new Italian Mansion Map. But don't just stop the spy, stop him in style. Style your Agent with a variety of new weapons. From Giant weapons to small ones, any Agent can find a gun to suit them.
Rapid Runs Sprint through timed obstacle courses in Rapid Runs. Compete with friends to see who can complete maps with the fastest time. Unlock animations of all styles, from wacky to cartoony ones, all are available to you. New skins for your glider are available for the Summer as you soar through 2 new Summer maps!
Murder 15 Blast the murderer as the sheriff, while being the last bystander alive! Compete and receive the last piece to the rewards tier: Summer's Edge! Use this item to craft up new weapons for the event finale.
Pinewood Computer Core Survive the all new earthquake event as well as other disasters! Escape to the rockets with your friends in time and you may just make it out alive!
Dynamic Ship Simulator III The latest update lets you customize your ship with over 130 flags! It includes a new, larger island. There are several new ship skins, and cool, animated radars. All big ports in the game are illuminated now to make it easier to navigate at night.
Battle Royale Simulator In celebration of the game's 4 month anniversary, there will be a week long multiplier on all earned Battlebucks in game. Battlebucks are the in-game currency earned by knocking out other players, completing missions, and collecting llamas around the map.
Escape The Dentist Obby! With our new Coin Collected Update, you will need to collect 10 coins to be awarded a badge!
July 25 - August 1
2 Player House Tycoon Welcome to the 2 Player House Tycoon where you work to customize your land! Utilize your imagination and skills to create an everlasting property. There are over 50 new items that you can obtain to bring your creation to life.
Seconds Till Death Summer is not over yet! Find the Exotic Water gun and fight your way to victory. Evade other players' attacks to be the last player standing. Watch out, time is always ticking and you must not let your timer hit zero or you lose! Use code "Summer" for 600 coins to start your adventure.
Star Sorority Star Sorority's User interface has been revamped with new screen buttons, the ability to shop, communicate with friends and dressing up! Style yourself with new hairstyles and clothes to make photo shoots and role playing exciting. You can also teleport to different worlds by clicking on the new map icon.
Survive The SCP-087-B A new game mode called insane hour has been added! Get ready for more speed and more damage. If you are able to survive the insane mode you will be rewarded a special 5 second speed boost tool.
August 1 - August 8
Where's the Baby! A new map has arrived in "Where's the Baby! ". The family can now explore a Prison located in the middle of a desert! Can you break out of this jail?
Blox World Theme Park Are you afraid of heights? Get your adrenaline running! For a limited time, you will be able to operate all of the flat rides for your friends to enjoy! Visit Blox World on August 1 at 12pm EST to ride and operate all of our attractions.
Escape Room Nothing beats kicking back with some friends and solving puzzles in the Summer sun! Whether you enjoy escaping prisons, exploring ancient temples, or just solving puzzles with friends, Escape Room's Summer edition has got you covered! Escape with friends today, starting at 7pm EST to earn special Summer themed in-game prizes, only available this week!
Military Simulator Begin your search to unlock an exclusive alien morph, alien blaster gun, pulse rifle, and an energy sword in an area 51 event at 8pm EST today!
Speed Race The second season of Speed Race will begin on Friday, August 2 at 9am EST. Be one of the 100 best players over the next two months and earn exclusive in game rewards at the end of the season.
August 8 - August 15
Obby Squads Spend those last summer moments at the Obby Squads Last Summer Bash starting NOW! Obtain tickets while completing daring obstacle courses chosen by the opposing team. Use these tickets on a new limited edition Summer Bash Box to build your deck of new power-ups and obstacles. Don't forget to collect extra summer prizes as you play!
Bakiez Bakery Welcome to Bakiez Bakery Summer! Enjoy delicious and tasty lemonade by the beach with all your friends! Your current Job is a customer! Order tasty pastries from a Cashier and hang out with all friend. Tired of being a customer? Get a job as a Chef or Cashier, explore the map, and meet new people! The possibilities are endless! Also check out our new beach lounge that comes with its very own milkshake machine! Explore the new and updated summer map and earn new game passes and achievements.
Tower Defense Simulator You will need to survive an Area 51 event where you fend off waves of aliens from invading the base. As a reward, you win the Commando Tower with dual wields space lasers. Along with the event, there will be some new maps such as Mars, Crossroads, and Abyssal Trenches.
August 15 - August 22
Overheat Now introducing the new mode Frigate Firefight! Battle enemy players and work with your team to destroy the enemy Frigate while keeping your own Frigate safe from the enemy team! Explore a new way to fight it out in the vacuum of space with the new Space Combat mechanics, allowing for full 3D movement and boosted combat ability!
Koala Cafe While Area 51 might not have aliens, for a limited time only, starting on August 17 at midnight EST, you can celebrate our favorite green martian creatures by using code "AREA51" for an alien pet! There is also an alien themed special food item to snack on, come and play today!
August 22 - August 29
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August 29 - September 5
Egg Simulator A new event has dropped on Egg Simulator featuring rubies! Collect rubies to unlock special pets. Rubies will spawn in more frequently during the event as well.
Find the Noobs 2 The brand new "Winter Wonderland" map has been released in Find the Noobs 2. The Winter Wonderland map has over 40 noobs, new rebirth rewards and an adventure of a lifetime.
Dealership Tycoon New car customization update for Car Dealership Tycoon is released! In this update you'll be able to paint the car body, wheels and even brake calipers. Paint your cars with a big selection of colors to make your dealership look even more awesome! Attend car meet-ups with your saved customized cars and with your friends!
Star Sorority Star Sorority returns with a new map. Experience the magic as you visit the gates of the Star Sorority Kingdom! There is much to offer, from a new theater where you can be your own Shakespeare, or new shops to work in, and new accessories to dress up with! What will you do first? All of this & more, available in the new map event at Star Sorority!
Vehicle Tycoon Check out our brand new map, new shop items and more during our Labor Day week-long event!
Heartbeat Hospital The brand new "Winter Wonderland" map has been released in Find the Noobs 2. The Winter Wonderland map has over 40 noobs, new rebirth rewards and an adventure of a lifetime.
Era Of Terror In a time before humans ruled, dinosaurs dominated the globe. Trapped on a deserted island, you must learn to survive as a dinosaur in a harsh, unforgiving environment. Grow your dinosaur from hatching to adult, managing your hunger, thirst, and stamina along the way. Some dinosaurs are out to hunt you, so make the best of your abilities and fight to survive! This experience now includes dynamic weather with rainfall and thunderstorms, a brand new dinosaur, growth saving, and more! Can you survive?
September 5 - September 12
Agents Now more daring than ever, Agents is taking to the sky. Battle the spy on the new skyscraper map. Watch your step closely and don't fall. New heights need big rewards, so for a week, all coins in Agents that you collect will be worth double the value. Good luck Agent!
Seconds Till Death School is back in and that's no fun! Fortunately, you can still have fun in Seconds Till Death. The newly added Seaside knife is a little bit of Summer Beach fun you can collect for a limited time. Use code "Summer" to make the most of the last part of Summer.
September 12 - September 19
Tower Defenders A powerful and menacing new boss versus an ultimate and ancient tower. A new ultimate tower and a new boss have been released!
September 19 - September 26
Ghost Simulator An other-worldly phantom unlike any other has come to the Ghost World! Team up with your friends to fight the Great Guardian in an intense multi-phase boss battle! New to Ghost Simulator? Use the code CHROMA to receive a free powerful Legendary pet to help get you started!
2 Player Secret Hideout Tycoon Paradise is here! Join up with a partner and enter the newest area for $250M. Harness renewable energy and futuristic technology to become the richest team in the server!
September 26 - October 3
Egg Simulator Ninjas have appeared in Egg Simulator. Collect Cursed Gems and hatch special Ninja Pets. Eggs will also be worth 2x more during the event! You can get a limited time "Ninja Unicorn" with the promo code Ninja!
Theme Park HeideLand HeideLand presents the Horror Nights. Ride the ghost train or run through the new creepy labyrinth. Experience the park in a creepy atmosphere. Use promo code horror19 to get somethign special!
October 3 - October 10
Movie Park You can have the best scare season in Movie Park! In Hollywood Screamfest, you will find the park completely invaded by the darkest characters. Celebrate Halloween in Movie Park!
Insurance Scam Simulator Halloween has come to the world of Insurance Scam Simulator and it needs your help. Undead lawyers are rising from the ground and terrorizing the law-abiding citizens. Team up with your fellow players to vanquish the hordes plaguing the city and be rewarded with two unique in-game items to further your career.
Crafting Simulator Unimpressed by the early school start? Well, look forward to kicking back and enjoying crafting simulator's event! Explore an amazingly designed map, collect resources to craft and collect gold, bond with spectacular pets and more! Remember to use the code 'PARTYBEAR' to redeem an exclusive giant bear pet to help you on your quest to becoming a crafting master!
Treasure Quest Halloween has come to Treasure Quest! Fight your way through the new limited time Spooky Mansion dungeon with your friends! Complete dungeons and quests and earn candy corns which can be used to buy powerful new gear! Need a boost to get started? Use the code "LIVEOPS" for a 24 hour XP Potion!
October 10 - October 17
Star Sorority Come on down to the spooktacular update of Star Sorority, featuring a new cozy fall redecoration, new halloween themed accessories to get right into spirit, and a special guest waiting at the concert hall.. The rockin Rthro band, Squad Ghouls!
Brick World Theme Park Enjoy a magical day riding in the Wild West Challenger Roller Coaster. Explore Dinosaur Kingdom or come to see how Monsters celebrate! Come see all that you can do at Brick World Robloxia Resort!!
Power Simulator New live-event where players will engage in combat using their skills against a swam of hornets! Can you survive? Join and see!
Pinata Simulator Smash pinatas and pick up the candy to buy weapon cases, pet eggs, and new areas! Level up your weapons & pets. Collect rare items and trade!
Flunkville Spooktacular additions have been added to Flunkville this season, including new locations, spooky hats, outfits, and best of all, sweets! Make sure you grab a free zombie outfit and hat before the event is over and keep it forever! This is going to be an event that you don't want to miss!
Halloween Simulator Skeletons have taken over Halloween Simulator, quickly get on and grab your collector, you are going to have to suck the candy out of them.
Theme Park: ROBLOX Point 2 Horror Fest is coming to Roblox Point! This includes a new limited time roller coaster, multiple scare zones around the park, and 3 scare houses to frighten our guests! Park guests will be awarded a special pumpkin pet to follow them around the park for participating in the horror fest! The pet will be awarded for attending 2 event items!
October 17 - October 24
Dr. Seuss' Seuss World Halloween has arrived in Dr Seuss’ Seuss World! Wander the spooky forest and do your best to make it out alive, if you do it within a limited time, a Halloween Egg is waiting for you. Hatch 6 new pets including 3 Legendaries and an all new Secret Pet! Keep your eyes open, there might also be a couple new secret hats to add to the collection. Redeem 5,000 coins by using code "whatwasiscaredof".
Snow Resort It is spooky time in Snow Resort! Seek the end of the Scary Maze, collect special items and explore the boundaries of the map in this new autumn theme event! Also, don't forget to enter the code “ghostly” for 800 in-game currency!
Ghost Simulator A mysterious trolley has arrived in Ghost Simulator! Take a seat and be transported to the mythical Halloween Mansion full of hay mazes and Ghost Hunter Bo's spooky quests! Join your fellow Ghost Hunters in taking on a multi-stage dungeon to reach the Halloween Hallow Boss! Collect Skeleton Keys and candy to unlock unique pets, hoverboards, and even the Mythical Boss Pet! Use promo code TRICKRTREAT for some free candy to kick-start your adventure!
Tower Defense Simulator For a limited time, fight against Jack O' Bot and his evil hoard of zombies to win the Shredder Tower!
Seconds Till Death Fall is about to start! Let's take some time to enjoy the new fall maps. Evade other players' attacks to be the last player standing. Watch out, time is always ticking. You must not let your timer hit zero or you lose! Use code "GiveMeCoins" for 600 coins to start your adventure.
Construction Simulator It's spooky season, and to get you in the mood we've added some new Halloween content to Construction Simulator. For a limited time. the Headless Horseman will be selling exclusive blueprints and more!
Agents Work through rounds to stop the spy in the new maps. Explore new Fall themed maps and kick off your career with the new code, "HiddenCode". Perhaps you'll find yourself on the new Waterfall Cove map or maybe even at the new Redwood village. Who knows Agent, but either way you must stop the spy.
October 24 - October 31
Sinking Ship Halloween has once again come! A Halloween theme has been added to Sinking Ship, including a small chance that the ship will become a Ghost Ship! You will also find that a new Ship has been added to the game, larger then any other ship before it! Don't forget to use the code "GHOSTSHIP" to receive a special jack-o lantern!
Horse World The spook is invading the land of the horses. A ghost horse has been spotted in town. Are you courageous enough to explore the new Halloween map?
Emergency Response: Liberty County It's Halloween in Liberty County! Trick or treat to collect candy throughout the limited-time decorated neighborhoods. Collect candy to complete a quest for a unique in-game item! Visit the new haunted farmlands to start your quest.
Military Simulator Halloween update that features exclusive October-only morphs such as: Ghost Morph, Skeleton Morph & Pumpkin Grenades.
Farm World Enter the world of farm animals to enjoy the newly decorated Halloween maps, along with a Halloween quest event to earn a special prize.
Dragon Adventures Halloween eggs spawn around the map on 30 minute intervals. There will be music and environment changes to reflect the sPoOokY event while users race to find eggs.
Monsters of Etheria It's Halloween in Monsters of Etheria, and you know what that means! For a limited time only, collect Scary skins for some of your favorite Etherians including Boxling, Munstorm, Cromite, and more! Gather every Scary skin to unlock an exclusive title! And in case you missed last year's event, you can also purchase all of last year's Spooky skins in the shop! Have fun!
Blox World Join us for Blox World's Fright Fest. One of the most thrilling Halloween events on Roblox! Try out our brand new maze 'The Freakshow', walk through our call scare zones or ride Vulture backwards!
October 31 - 1pm EDT
The Clown Killings Reborn Jump right on in, and enjoy the spooktacular update of The Clown Killings Reborn! Unlock or purchase brand new knives or 4 new killers. Enjoy trading with your friends and explore all the secrets of the lobby! Figure out what monster will you become this Halloween.
Deathrun Deathrun kicks off Season 1 with a new map and 5 limited-time items to earn! Explore 'Jagged Junkyard' and collect Scrap to unlock unique rewards, such as a new emote and an animated sword. Season 1 runs until November 23, so be sure to redeem your rewards before time is up!
Egg Farm Simulator Halloween has descended onto Egg Simulator! Collect pumpkins and candy to hatch special Halloween themed pets in the shop. Eggs will be worth 2x more during the event as well!
Dance Your Blox Off Dance Your Blox Off will be having their annual Day of the Dead update. The event will include decorations for the stage, traditional clothing, and brand new tutus. The event will go through November 8th.
November 7 - 1pm EST
Koala Cafe Getting a job at Koala Cafe is as easy as 1, 2, 3.Our new tutorial sets you up to have more fun than ever before! Finish it and get an EXCLUSIVE chef pet to help you with your new job!
MYO Frozen Yogurt V2 Myo Frozen Yogurts is proud to announce our winter event! Everyday there are fireworks and a light show. Not to mention over 55 new flavors and new items on the menu! Find presents to earn a special reward.
November 8 - 6pm EST
Military Simulator Fresh new mafia update! Roleplay as a mafia member, or hunt down mafia members as a detective. Mafia members can capture turfs, battle other mafias, and even have the ability to start businesses. Police officers can shut down rackets & arrest mafias.
November 14 - November 21
Team Tower Brickbattle Gobble gobble! Fight with your friends and destroy your enemies on a new Thanksgiving-themed map. Try to beat 28 opponents to earn a special event badge! Also, use the code TURKEY for a special in-game item!
Pinata Simulator Fall Harvest has arrived at Pinata Simulator! We've got a new fall map, new areas, and BOSSES! Use code "THANKS" when playing to redeem an exclusive Fall Harvest Pet!
Myo Frozen Yogurts V2 Join us for our Holiday gift hunt and help save Christmas! Santa's sleigh crashed into the island and needs your help getting back on track! Do you have what it takes to find all the gifts? Don't forget to use the promo code "Holidays" to unlock 100 coins!
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